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Background Noise: Lydia Lunch

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Lydia Lunch was a leading light of the very important New York no wave scene from the 70s in New York. It was really an art punk movement , she is The vocalist with Teenage Jesus And the Jerks (1976 at the age of 16. – 1979) originally and in recent years reformed. Her large and diverse body of work typically features provocative and confrontational delivery and has maintained an anti-commercial, do-it-yourself ethic, operating independently of major labels and distribution deals.[2]

 This morning a focus on Teenage Jesus And the Jerks, her first solo recording and her new group Big Sexy Noise (very strong elements of New York no wave ) first release from 2009, Teenage Jesus And the Jerks early recordings and the main feature her spoken word collaboration with French electronic sound artist,  Philippe petit called twist of fate from 2010.

Track, Title, Duration

1, Empty Eyes,1′ 37″ start with

2, Less of Life,1’ 40″ or

3, The Closet,2′ 54″

Queen of Siam first solo recording from 1980.

7, Lady Scarface,3′ 11″

10, Knives in the Drain,3′ 59″

Big Sexy Noise self titled CD from 2009

1, Gospel Singer,2′ 55″

5, Baby Faced Killer,4′ 18″

6, Bad for Bobby,3′ 18″


And now the main feature Twist of Fate from 2010. Spoken word collaboration between Lydia Lunch spoken word and French (from Marseille) sound artist, turntablist and label owner Philippe Petit. Lunch provides abstract paranoid spoken word tales and guitar textures, which Petit wraps in dense claustrophobic soundscapes. CD and DVD (of a live performance) released on monotype records. For the next 36 min immerse yourselves in some dark abstract places.

Track, Title, Duration

1, Thirsty,3′ 12″

3, Twist of Fate,9′ 48″

5, Oxygen,5′ 12″

6, Mysterious Disappearance,5′ 14″ (with guitar washes myLydia)

7, Dream Drugs,6′ 00″

8, Louse,6′ 45″



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Background Noise: The Caretaker

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this morning The Caretaker(James Kirby) experimental musician from Stockport England and the  blue limited edition vinyl LP record version of the brand new album, an empty bliss beyond this world. Utilising original 78s deserted ballrooms, wandering its waxed floor and dilapidated grandeur.Ghostly crackly echoes,distant memories.Plus Sound works by kirby’s other guise Lleyland Kirby which we will begin with from the triple CD sadly The Future Is Not All What It Was from 2001, beautiful minimal dreamscapes. James Kirby also recorded under the name v/vm previously.


CD number, track, title, duration

1,2, the Sound of music vanishing (echoes of The Caretaker ), 11′ 15″

1,3, the beauty of the impending tragedy,7′ 36″


2,6, I’ve hummed this tune to all the girls I’ve known, 12′ 48″


And Now the brand-new release (released on June 21 only one week ago). The limited-edition LP version of an empty bliss beyond this world. Bits and pieces of old-fashioned tunes are looped as they are layered on top of crackling vinyl recordings. Since 1996, the British musician has created eerily beautiful sounds that could be heard emanating from a haunted ballroom.

Memory as a theme is used constantly throughout Bliss. Each track was made using a specific moment in a song from a previous era. That moment once isolated has then been edited to repeat unto itself yet behave as if it were the continuation of a finite melody.

Side ,Track,Title,Duration

A,1, All You’re Going to Want to Do Is Get Back There,3′ 40″

“,5, I Feel As If I Might Be Vanishing,1′ 55”

“6, Empty Bliss Beyond This World,4′ 15”

“7, Bedded Deep in Long Term Memory,2′ 45”

B,2, Mental Caverns without Dunshine,3′ 15″

“,3, pared Back to the Minimal,2′ 55”

 “,5, Empty Bliss beyond This World,3′ 50”

“,7, Camaraderie at arms length,3′ 50”



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Background Noise: Post Punk from the English South Coast 1978 – 1981

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post punk was a truly international musical phenomenon. Last program Sydney and this program fairly obscure groups from South coast of England. “‘D.I.Y.’ and (very) indie postpunk from the South Coast 1977-81 (vol. 1: Bournemouth-to-Brighton). Throughout the age of Punk and postpunk the English music press, the major labels, and established indies ignored the South Coast with surprising thoroughness. With words from Chuck Warner from the hyped2 death American label which releases the messthetics series of which this is #108. And I spoke to him yesterday. Please excuse the quality as it was a poor connection.

Tracks played

Track, artist, title, duration

First Bracket

1, chimes, through to you,2’48”

2, chefs, commander lonely,2’35”

3, bloated toads, happy home,2’42”
5,objeks, negative conversation,3′ 03″

8,lillettes,air conditioning,3’10”
9,renaldo and the loaf,Scottish shuffle,3’18”
11,April and the Fools,baby watch out,2’05”

Track, artist, title, duration

First Bracket

1, chimes, through to you,2’48”

2, chefs, commander lonely,2’35”

3, bloated toads, happy home,2’42”
5,objeks, negative conversation,3′ 03″

8,lillettes,air conditioning,3’10”
9,renaldo and the loaf,Scottish shuffle,3’18”
11,April and the Fools,baby watch out,2’05”

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Background Noise: Mitch Jones interview and feature on 41 Pardons volume 1, M Squared archival recordings

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this morning special guest Mitch Jones one of the founders of M squared and scattered order and another regular guest , good morning Mitch and welcome back to background noise. He will be presenting another beautiful M squared archival release celebrating Sydney post punk. 41 pardons M squared rare recordings 1979 to 1983 volume 1 double CD released recently on Ascension records release of the vinyl on demand pardon me for barging in like this vinyl box set  from 2009 with crystal clear sound quality. All tracks being totally remastered?. The first time these really historically important tracks have appeared in digital format, preserved forever.

CD 1

1st Bracket

Track, Artist, Title, Duration

1, Scattered Order,Tanks,1.46

7,”,Waiting for you to come home,2.53

6,”,Because they are more difficult,3.14

2nd Bracket

8,Patrick Gibson,Modra Inara,2.17


13,”I needle the oven,3.32

3rd Bracket

15,A Cloakroom Assembly,Tom Salted,2.04

18,Keeping Apprehension Tim,2.16

22,The Airside,3.20
CD 2

4th Bracket

track, Artist, Title, Duration

4,Makers of the Dead Travel Fast,Sea Heads Part 1,6.43


10,“,Die for my house,2.12

5th Bracket

12,Prod,Jet Boy survives the fall,5.19

13,East End Butchers,The elephant freak,2.07

17,Volatile T Shirt,Making babies in heaven,4.04

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Background Noise: Jim Denley and Mike Majkowski interview and feature on Blip

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this morning we are privileged to have as special studio guests, two of Australia’s finest exploratory music improvising musicians, Jim Denley (flautist and saxophonist) and Mike Majkowski (double bassist). Good morning Mike and Jim and welcome back to background noise. They have recently founded their first collaborative venture called BLIP and have produced the first release Calibrations on the splitrec label. A truly spontaneous and colourful musical feast, congratulations. This morning they will be presenting music from Calibrations As Well as some unreleased live recordings. Interspersed with some probing questions. A morning of conversations with BLIP


Track, Title, Duration

1, Pod,8′ 46″

2, Oat,6′ 39″

2nd bracket

Craig Grady remixing the playing of Mike and Jim. Recorded 2010

third bracket

live recording from the launch of calibrated in March 2011

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Background Noise: New Label Spectrum Spools First Releases

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Two Brand-New first releases on the new label which is a meeting of Editions Mego from Austria and John Elliott from the group Emaralds. The label is called Spectrum Spools. The first release an LP record a sort of radiance by Fabric. A multidimensional work in which you can really submerge yourself. Fabric is the work of Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist Matthew Mullane.

Side , track number, title, duration

A,1,Orangeand Red,1′ approximately

“,2, Leaving the House,6′ approximately

“,4, camera,4′ approximately

B,1, containers,1′ approximately

“,2, light float,7′ 30” approximately

“,4, soft disconnect,4′ 50” approximately



The second release on the new label spectrum spools is by Bee Mask edited and mixed in Cleveland and Philadelphia. An electronic work of great beauty incorporating piano, voice, percussion and tape on par with the classics of experimental and electronic music, carefully and meticulously composed. Bee Mask’s Canzoni dal Laboratorio del Silenzio Cosmico. Real name Chris Madak, Bee Mask has been releasing a ton of music since the early noughties; this album is a vinyl edition of a limited cassette which came out on Gift Tapes last year. Both releases beautiful limited-edition records (500) with exquisite cover design. Thank you to Peter Rehburg for supplying us with these glorious releases which can be obtained through the website

Side, track number, title, duration

A, untitled, 12′ 50″ approximately

B,”, 15′ 10″

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Background Noise: Tony Barrell tribute and Thomas Koner feature

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this morning’s program is dedicated to the memory of Tony Barrell, a beautiful human being and a wonderful radio producer, program maker and broadcaster. He was a pioneer of the groundbreaking and possibly greatest ever radio station 2 JJ which went to air in 1975 on the ABC. Who can forget him playing San Francisco avant-gardeists the residents on the breakfast show. Since then he has created some of the finest radiophonic feature programs for the ABC radio National such as the real Far East. He passed away suddenly and peacefully on Wednesday night March 30 at the age of 70. This morning’s program is full of music which could really be a soundtrack for his life. And to accompany quiet contemplation of him who was larger than life. He was a great inspiration for myself and many others who have followed his journey in radio. He was the living embodiment of radio. And will be sorely missed as he is being already. We will never forget, his legacy will live forever. Thank you Tony. This is for you. Constantinople by the residents from 1978 from the duck stab EP.


A couple of passings in the world of experimental music in the early part of this year. Milton Babbit was a pioneering electroacoustic and music concrete composer. He worked at the Columbia Princeton university’s electronic music studios  in Manhattan (America’s first electronic music studio). And was also a teacher and theorist . He passed away at the age of 94 on January 31 . His meticulously constructed electronic music assemblages were fine and detailed as exemplified by this piece Philomel from 1964.

Early gurus of electronic music, CD 1 track 15. (4′ 57″)

Rolf Julius was a visual and sound artist from Germany . He passed away aged 72 on January 21

Here Is a sound piece called Black (inside) released on a flexi disk in the April issue of the wire magazine. (3′ 30″).

This morning minimal electronic soundscapes that we can immerse ourselves in by the German electronic sound artist Thomas Koner. From the reissue of his first three releases remastered and released as a beautiful triple CD in 2010   on type recordings. Slow, dark electronic music compositions for alien worlds almost with no human life.

CD1  first release Numatak Gongamur 1990


3, untitled,4′ 29″

6,”,3′ 30″

7,”,4′ 58″

CD 2 Teimo 1992

2, Andenes, 10′ 06″

3, Teimo,5′ 14″

CD 3 Permafrost 1993

4, permafrost, 10′ 09″

5, meta incognita,7′ 03″

Background Noise: Rod Cooper Australian outsider musician and instrument maker interview and feature

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this morning a feature on and interview with Melbourne-based outsider musician and instrument builder Rod Cooper. He creates instruments from found materials as well as interventions with the existing instruments. We will be featuring self released CDs from 2010 including his first CD of songs which were performed beautifully and intimately at the difficult music festival in January. I spoke to Rod last Friday afternoon from Melbourne.

Music played:

CD s

1.accepting the machines
track number, title, duration

1, Vocal intro,5′ 37″

3, Ajax train spoonbill ,0′ 00″ – 5′ 00″

? 5, Pole bow fans,0′ 00″ –3′ 30″

7, Plate radio supply,4′ 53″

 2.Random Bule

1, burn the music,5′ 04″

2, hanging around the house in the nude,4′ 03″

3, too many particles, (about Sydney) 4′ 00″


4, house of sin,4′ 43”

8, I love resonating objects,3′ 36″

9, random Bule,2′ 38″


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Background Noise: Basil Kirchin exploratory music pioneer

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this morning, Basil Kirchin was a British drummer with a background in jazz music. His career included scoring films, to experimenting with the manipulation of recorded sounds which has seen him cited as “the father of ambient music.”Featuring the recently released soundtrack to the mondoish London 60’s  documentary film Primitive London. Also earlier more ambient music. He was born on August 8, 1927 and passed away on June 18, 2005. At the age of 13 he played drums in his father’s big band. After spending time in both India and Sydney he returned to Britain in 1961 and began experimenting with sounds collecting various environmental sounds. In 1967 the arts Council awarded him a grant to purchase a nagra tape recorder on which he recorded ambient sounds including those from the London zoo and the voices of autistic children. In the 1960s he began composing or will parts. Produced as part of the legendary Worlds Within Worlds series, this represents what Basil wanted to produce, rather that what he was told to produce. His idea was simple, to manipulate sound in a way that it would “reveal hidden characters, little boulders of unheard music, symphonies of new music”. And here Basil uses sound in every way possible, taking field recordings, structured and free jazz and moulding it by hand into a wild collage of music,. Animals, birds, brass, Austistic children and trams all melt into one extraordinary sonic whole. Kirchin was a major influence on Brian Eno and the Industrial Movement. The Quantum recording date from circa 1967 – 1973, and feature Evan Parker released in 2003. The following is an excerpt from each of the two parts. The CDs this morning released on the trunk records label. 3 min approximately

Track, Title, Duration (start, finish)

1, once upon a time, 9’,0’0”-9’0” (fade slowly)

2, special relativity,9’,9’30”-18’30” (fade slowly)

Some Very distinctive themes for  fairly obscure 1960s British films.

1.The Shuttered Room (based on an HP Lovecraft story) 1967 2’20”

2. The strange affair 1968 ~3’

Now CD released in December 2010 and again on trunk records. The soundtrack to the 1965 documentary film Primitive London. A focus on the underbelly of London in the 60s. Soundtrack by Basil Kirchin is strangely seedy and very evocative of the on screen journey through the lives of mods, rockers and strippers. He was one of the the most important composers of library, film, and jazz music to emerge from Great Britain in the 1960s.  It’s obvious from his use of sophisticated exotica, slippery, tropical cocktail lounge-jazz, haunting organ, and pulsing polyrhythmic elements that his strategies were already formulating in 1965. Kirchin had an ear for very dark and haunting melodies creating here with the aid of the theremin, which are amply evidenced by “Primitive London 4.”

Here is primitive London~1’1 –6 (13′ approximately) 

now slightly more abstract but in the same vein his music to another obscure British film from 1971, the freelance. With more experimentation and unexpected twists and turns. And a sophisticated  textural and dynamic palette. He was by now an established library music composer.

Track, title, duration

8, the freelance (abstract jazz 3),4′ 08″

9, the freelance (abstract jazz 4),9′ 49″

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Background Noise: Sylvia Plath

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this morning feature on the great American poet Sylvia Plath, her frank and confessional style of writing won her a lot of fans. Mainly from the collection of rare and unreleased readings and conversation with her husband poet Ted Hughes. BBC recordings from the British library archive broadcast from 1960 until one month before her suicide in February 1963 at the age of 31, It was released in 2010 by the British library. Including fragments from a rare interview with her. She is widely regarded as an icon of American feminism.


We will start with her reading of the famous poem Daddy recorded by the British Council Cambridge England in 1962. This was released on Giorno poetry Systems dial a poem poets record totally corrupt 1976 on which William Burroughs also appears. Both writers were wonderful readers of their work which is quite rare for writers. Much is revealed about Sylvia in her readings and conversations. We will intersperse locked grooves between brackets of readings.

Now from the British library CD:

First Bracket

Track, title, duration

the living poet

1, leaving early,2′ 28″

3, poets in partnership Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes (0-1’48”,3′ 02″ –4′ 30″,7′ 47″ –9′ 08″,9′ 18″ –9′ 34″, 12′ 35″ – 15′ 26″, 18′ 43″ – 20′ 11″) (9’)

4, introduction to mushrooms,0′ 08″

5, mushrooms,0′ 59″

ted hughes

6, Ted Hughes,introduction to pike,0′ 15″

7, “Pike,2′ 24″



the living poet

8, introduction to the living poet,0′ 57″

9, introduction to the disquieting muses,0′ 43″

10, the disquieting muses,3′ 11″

13, introduction to Parliament Hill Fields,0′ 47″

14, Parliament Hill Fields,3’15”
?15 Introduction to The Stones,0’39”
?16,The Stones,2’44”
17,Live Poetry reading at the Mermaid Theatre London,intro.0’46”

18,Introduction to Tulips, 0’13”
19,Tulips, 4’31”

The Poet’s Voice

20,The Surgeon at 2 a.m.,3’00”

what made you stay

21. Surviving extracts from an interview with Sylvia Plath,6’42” (a most beautiful appraisal of living in England)

23, Sylvia reviews an anthology of contemporary American poetry and readings,9’09”