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Background Noise : 2006 in Review.

Posted in Background Noise by Ellard on February 19, 2007


After the tremendous success and euphoria of the now now Festival we finally present our review of 2006 (congratulations to all the organisers and especially Clare Cooper and Clayton Thomas) in music and the arts and of course our obligatory list of obituaries, those we farewell but will never forget. Between the music tracks from CDs I have most enjoyed bringing you this year I will intersperse highlights in DVD and book releases, films, performances and exhibitions and our list of obituaries. I will play the CD’s approximately in the order in which I played them this year.

CD Title, Artist, Label, Track/Title

Flux Compendium, Robin Fox/, Editions Mego, 4/$2.50 Anthony Pateras

Aube,Sordide sentimentale , 1/Raid In

Anthology Of Noise and Electronic Music, volume 4 John Waterman, Sub Rosa ,CD2/7/still warm Part One

Dataplex,Ryoji Ikeda,Raster Noton,20/data adaplex

Extermination,Objekt 4,2/No.1 Processing Tower

Life without Fear,Ekkhard Ehlers,Staubgold,7/Misorodzi Part Two

Avon Calling (CD2),Social Security,Cherry Red,choc ice

Music in the Margin –var/Konstantin Raudive, Sub
Rosa, 11/radio stimme —
Microphone stimmeTouch 25,Chris Watson, Touch Music,7/conversations Part Three Liquid Architecture 7,The
Loop Orchestra,Circa
compilation For,Alva-Noto,12K,6/jr

Aerial 3,Tod Dockstader,Sub Rosa,17/pressure

Dreams Interrupted,Glaxo babies, Cherry Red, 14/ maximum sexual joy

Part Four

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