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Background Noise: New Throbbing Gristle album

Posted in Background Noise by Ellard on June 13, 2007

The sound of Genesis Porridge’s false breasts. Here.

This Morning on background noise, two words only Throbbing Gristle.  Throbbing-Gristle or TG as they are more affectionately known are the founding fathers of industrial music.  They formed in October 1976 in England and their slogan was “industrial music for industrial people”. Richard has some words about the great importance of TG historically.  They Have Just Released their first recording in 25 years.  Called quite cryptically, Part Two: The Endless Not.  We will finish the morning with tracks chosen by Richard from our favourite throbbing-gristle record, DOA The Third and Final Report Of Throbbing-Gristle from 1981 .  For anyone unfamiliar the members are Chris Carter, Peter Christofferson, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Genesis Breyer P Orridge. The CD Is Released on the mute US label. It Is a Beautiful surprising mixture of the old TG industrial sound with an injection of some new fresh instrumentation and arrangements . The Sound is fresh and vital.  All Songs by throbbing Gristle 2004 –5.Three Tracks Now from Part Two: The Endless Not                                                                                                                                                     Vow of Silence                Separated                       Greasy Spoon                 They Have Been performing in Europe and America over the past year and recently over the first, second and third of June they had three public recording sessions At the Institute of contemporary Art in London called The Desert Shore installation project. They Were Recording Sessions for throbbing-gristle’s interpretation of the classic 1970 record The Desert Shore by Nico. The End Result of these recordings will be a CD in 2008.three more tracks now from the new Throbbing-Gristle album, Part Two: The Endless Not.Lyre Liar                         The Worm Waits Its Turn                                                                                                               After the Fall                   Instrumentation: Chris Carter — programming, rhythms, synthesisers, sampled sounds; Peter Christofferson — sampled sounds; Genesis Beyer P-Orridge — voices, bass guitar, violin; Cosey Fanni Tutti — lead guitar, cornet, sampled sounds.  Programming, production and mastering by Chris Carter.  Lyrics written by Genesis and design and art direction by Peter Christofferson.Now Richard with a selection from the classic 1978 throbbing-gristle album DOA The Third and Final Report on industrial records.The Official throbbing-gristle web site for a full history of TG and industrial records and complete

Background Noise: Noctovision Label Special

Posted in Background Noise by Ellard on June 1, 2007

First broadcast May 22, 2007. A programme on the Osaka record label Noctovision.

The audio stream is here.

this morning  a special on the label Noctovision.  This is a small Japanese
Osaka based label not unlike the noise label Alchemy in some ways but much smaller with friends in the noise music genre .  All the releases feature foreign artists. The Releases we will play spanning the years 1989 to 2005. Their Current preference of music is electroacoustic, atmospheric and collage music.  You will hear all these elements this morning.
Firstly the LP record from 1989 by Kaiser-Nietzsche from
Canada.  Noctovision found their music in 1988 from a Canadian label called Freedom in a Vacuum. The Members Are John Kamevaar, Thomas Handy and David Scurr. The Record contains tracks with music concrete, drone and this track plunderphonics/audio collage.
Title                                              Side TwoSprechen sie Zarathustran                                                                                                                                                    CD1 PGR — A Hole of Unknown Depth, recorded at home. Released in 1990. They Are from
USA and have been fans of kim cascone since the mid-80s.
Title                                           Horizontal                                   CD2 Ultra Milkmaids from France this CD featuring various artists, music by Rodolphe and Yann Jaffiol 1997, remixed by various artists 1998 and released in 1999. Noctovision found their music in the mid-90s from their personal label.This album is remix album of “Vorely” which released on French label “Noise
Museum”, 1997. 

ArtistUltra Milkmaids (Relay)                Ultra Milkmaids (Relay.Y)             Troum                                         Captain Black                              CD3Vance Orchestra — At Random Again released in 2001, played, composed and mixed by Mars F Wellinck and Robert Deters, covers are handmade collage from newspaper adds . It Is Specifically designed to be played in random shuffle mode. From the Netherlands, Noctovision met them in 1997 at Nevers in France at The Noise
Museum music Festival.
only a 10 minute selection from this beautiful audio collage CD.  Starting with Dada Ouverture. and tracks 13 — 34CD4Aube + MB — Junkyo, a collaboration between noise artists and friends Aube (Akifumi Nakijima) from Japan and MB (Maurizio Bianchi) from
Italy.  Electronics and mix by Akifumi Nakijima, piano, effects and feedback by Maurizio Bianchi.  Released in 2005.  They did other collaborations in the same year.
Track Lambs Sacrifice (first 10′) Yesterday I received a comprehensive e-mail from Hideo Hayami, husband ofChizuko and together they founded and run the label.  For further information on the founding of the label, the label and artists and important background information I will put this e-mail on the anonradio web site with this program in the next week or so.  Anonradio is and the web site is under construction, for inquiries and further information contact here is the e-mail:

In 1985, I bought LP called “Fight Is On” which released from LAYLAH records,
It was my first experience to meet our experimental / noise music. 2 years later,  I’ve been in
London, England to buy more records and want to see
Current 93, NWW, Organum and more artists.I met many artists and spend good time with them while 1 years in
London. I was very lucky.
 I bought record & cassette from artist / label (United Dairies, Broken Flag….) directly andshipped to
Japan, then my friend sell them in Japanese market.
My friend just starting record shop called “Les Disques du Soleil” in
I support him. (Actually my 1st release is 7″ single ” ORGANUM – Drome” at Les Disques du Soleil in 1988) I was supported to Les Disques du Soleil from 1986 to 1990.While this 4 years. we were handling noise / experimental music stuffs.I sent letter to many labels & artists in the world to get their music stuffs.I got to know them at that time. (Merzbow, Gerogerigegege, Masonna, Hijokaidan too. Roger / Extreme stay 1 night at my apartment.)I was distributed Japanese Noise to Japanese market and also export / introduce to overseas. (Les Disques du Soleil released Japanese artists compilation album called “Noise Forest” in 1992.) I like “quiet music” it means ambient & atmospheric.I got 2 cassettes of Kaiser Nietzsche from Freedom In A Vacuum,
I was really shocked to listen it. It was really beautiful & atmospheric electronics music I’ve never heard.Then I decided to start my own label and that release their 1st LP record. It was 1988.  KAISER NIETZSCHE – HeterologyCanadian artist John Kamevaar, Thomas Handy & David Scurr formed.Released 3 cassette on Canadian label “Freedom In A Vacuum” and 1 split LP with Japanese artist Yuzuru Syogase. (later re-released on CDfrom Artware production,
Germany) They made electro – acoustic music. I was feel “Japanese mind” from their music.
It means so QUIET. Like Japanese garden in temple. I sent release offer directly. PGR – A Hole Of Unknown DepthOne of my favorite artist Kim Cascone. I known the word “atmospheric” from his music.I sent release offer directly. Ultra Milkmaids – Vorely RelayAlready I got their early release. It was beautiful ambient music.I went to France in 1997 with
AUBE. (AUBE joined music festival in
then I met them and decided to release their YOUNG new music. (In 1997, they are 20 years old..)This album is remix album of “Vorely” which released on French label ”

Museum”, 1997.It was very happy, old (?) artists remixed YOUNG music. VANCE ORCHESTRA – At Rondom AgainI met them in 1997,
France as same time & place as Ultra Milkmaids.
Vance joined same music festival. I saw their concert. Their music was really nice, it seems BIZARRE COLLAGE. I’ve never heard it.I decided to release. 
AUBE + MB – Junkyo I am friend with Akifumi Nakajima for 15 years.I wanted to release his music sometime. MB sent music material to Akifumi and Akifumi remixed MB’s one.Akifumi remixed sounds like OLD MB’s style, it means INDUSTRIAL not New Age.Music is old style MB mixed up hard style by
 I like “quiet music” but almost Japanese Noise music is so hard / harsh style.Yes, I like it but do not want to release.  Concerning my still under construction web-site.Just my lazy. I like sounds which not too much computer and effects because I feel “warm & natural “from it. It seems your music is like same.I respect for your activity of long time. Thank you very much again your interest & support.I’m very happy that more peoples like our music. Sorry for may poor English. Best Regards Hideo & Chizuko Hayami