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Posted in Background Noise by Ellard on July 15, 2007

“I Love My Organ” and “Sweetly Doing Nothing”. First broadcast 19th June 07. The stream is here.

 This Morning a feature on Tom Recchion featuring CDs from 2004 the much acclaimed I Love My Organ and earlier this year Sweetly Doing Nothing. Tom Recchion has been a notable personality in the Los Angeles underground avant-garde experimental music scene since the ’70s, having been a founding member of the Los Angeles Free Music Society, art rock band The B People, and creepodelic quartet Extended Organ. He’s collaborated with the likes of Keiji Haino, David Toop, and done numerous installations at galleries in the United States and abroad.Firstly, I Love My Organ CD from 2004 released on the American label Bird Man records.  Recchion is assisted on some tracks by musician, composer, author, journalist for The Wire, and music curator David Toop .  Recchion labored on I Love My Organ for years and years; dark and atmospheric, it is simultaneously creepy and relaxing lounge music for psychotics. Many of the Tracks are dedicated to notable figures in the world of contemporary music and much like music for an imaginary film by David Lynch .We will hear two selections starting off with some lounge music for psychotics and the title track, I love my organ:I Love My Organ                       Terry Reilly in Rome                 for Terry ReillyMartian Kiss                             F&T ( No 3)                              Dubyy Struts in Trenchtown , a kind of dub cut up                                                                           the instrumentation: Tom Recchion — synthesisers, sampler and pre-recorded stereo tape loops.  David Toop — low voice solo on Martian kiss which we just heard in that bracket . The Next Bracket:Narcotic for William Basinski     The Perpetual Motion Clock Factory                                                                                               Psst SambaNow, Sweetly Doing Nothing by Tom  Recchion released earlier this year on The Schoolmap label from Italy. He Has Also collaborated with , Christian Marclay, Oren Ambarchi, Keiji Haino, instrument builder Max Eastley and soon to be featured on background noise Smegma.  He lives in Los Angeles.  The CD has been described asan unmistakably unique mixture of underwater exotica-tinged minimalism, futuristic jazz, subtlety constructed dronescapes and a vivid orchestral pop sensibility. The CD features instrument inventor Max Eastley is on several tracks.Instrumentation: Tom Recchion — tapes, records, percussion, computer, effectsMax Eastly —  inverted instruments on tracks one and three.The Elephant God                     Jazz 10,000 ADThat Crazy Beat