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Background Noise: Artefact of Australian Experimental Music

Posted in Background Noise by Ellard on November 4, 2007

Broadcast 09.10.07

The link is here.

, this morning on background noise Artefacts of Australian experimental music 1930 — 1973.  A compilation CD documenting the forgotten history of Australian experimental music.  Released on the local label shame file music in July this year at liquid architecture 8.  Also some rare recordings by the Melbourne Dada group with Barry Humphries from the 1950s from a rare CD.  They are also included on the artefacts CD.  Which we will start with:

Artefacts of Australian experimental music represents one of the first serious investigations into the  sparse recorded history of experimental sound practice in Australia.  Over three years of research by Clinton Green has resulted in this compilation CD which stretches over four decades, a time previously thought by many to be barren of experimental activity in Australian music.  We will hear two selections:

jack ellit,journey#1(excerpt),early 1930’s

percy grainger,free music(read top and bottom ranks thick),1951

melbourne dada group,wubbo music(excerpt),1954
bruce clarke of spiral why(excerpt),1966

val stephen,fireworks,1967

arthur cantrill,soundtrack for eikon,1969


felix werder,ocussion(excerpt)1971

ron nagorcka,apathetic anomoly(EXCERPT),1973

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