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Background Noise: Messthetics

Posted in Background Noise by Ellard on November 4, 2007

wibbly wibbly Broadcast on 23.10.07

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Morning this morning — 2 recent compilation CDs, from England and America.Messthetics #103 (Messthetics label), D. I. Y and Indie post punk from the Midlands in England 1978 — 1981 on the Messthetics label and reissue of the rare second release by the Los Angeles Free Music Society In the Midlands there was a sparse but energetic rabble of (mostly) teens. They were faster, louder and less arty than their DIY counterparts elsewhere in the UK. Includes the bands Swell Maps, Hardware (pre — Pigbag). D.I.Y.” was both punk and post-punk, but D.I.Y. stood firmly on its own: a musical free-for-all of untrained voices, gnarly, scrubby, newly-invented riffs, home-made instruments, dustbin percussion, and lyrics like nothing that had come before. Performed by punks and hippies, musical geniuses and novices alike, school-kids and grizzled 27-year-olds…John Peel was a great supporter of the DIY bands and it was a great thing to be played By John Peel and appear on a peel session. The most successful DIY record was There Goes Concorde again by the native hipsters . And the next most successful was the shapes Part of the Furniture EP from 1978. The Young Bands (15 — 19) would sell any thing to be able to put out a 7 inch — their motorbikes and cash the dole cheques. It was a breeding ground for successful new wave bands such as pig bag and the specials. The Bands Had the energy of punk. And Many Were Influenced by the Glam rock period Of David Bowie and The Sweet. The 7 Inch Records were often released in plain sleeves and small runs of only 250.

Gerry Anderson’s marionette series provided a number of punk band names in England. Swell Maps came from the line from stingray, “gee , that’s a swell map”.Tracks:start-Lester and the brew,a bad day in the o
swell maps,camouflage attack,1977

digital dinosaurs,aliens in your skies,1979



the shapes,I saw batman in the launderette,1978

school meals,headmaster,1978

domestic bliss ,domestic bliss,1978

hardware,face the flag,1979


the second CD is Called I.D Art #2 which contains sound work by visual artists and groups such as Smegma and visual artists .LAFMS was formed in 1974 and was a collective of like-minded artists, musically inspired by the likes of Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa. It Was Released in 1976 and only 200 copies were produced. Mainly going to the 44 visual and other artists involved. Most of them were students at Otis Art Institute in L.A. Most of Them had never recorded and never did again. Here Is my selection. A real audio excursion. Released in July on Paradigm. Tracks played (track numbers only) 4,6,8, 13, 16, 26, 27, 31, 33, 34, 41, 42, 43

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