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Background Noise: Now Now & David Lynch

Posted in Background Noise by Ellard on February 5, 2008

This is the lazy uploader writing. I have placed two shows at once because I am naughty. They are:

About the Now Now Festival hereand

welcome to our very special guest for this morning, one of Sydney’s finest improvising musicians and one of the now now Festival organisers, Jim Denley. Who Is Becoming a background noise regular.  Jim will be previewing the coming now now Festival and later playing the brand-new vibraphones CD by Dale Gorfinkle and Robbie Avenaim. Jim has brought in some work by participating artists in the coming now now Festival .Firstly Jim the details for the coming festival and an intriguing new location and venue:Friday, January 18 (this coming Friday), Saturday, January 19 and Sunday, January 20. At the Wentworth Falls School of Arts, 217 — 219 great Western highway Wentworth Falls.  Small room and Main Room.first music Jim, why the move to the blue mountains and particularly Wentworth Falls?Second music Because of the Venue there are a range of different activities utilising the bush environment.  Bush walks, outdoor activities for children and an intriguing outdoor performance involving a bush walk to get there. And an instrument building workshop.Third music Overseas and interstate performers this year including our own Clare Cooper visiting from Berlin and a sound poet from France: Emmanuelle Pellegrinni as well as : paul winstanley (nz) — electronics, thomas meadowcroft (berlin) – organ, Philip samartzis (melb) – electronics and Marcia jane (melb) – live video, carolyn connors (melb) – voice, rosalind hall (melb) – prepared saxophone, mathieu werchowski – violin (fr), xavier charles (fr) – clarinet , Taste of Teeth (brisbane)
fourth music As usual groupings of people who have never played together.  Selection process.  The late-night festival club at Akemi.fifth music Program.  Tickets from moshtix, prices and accommodation.As usual all information is available at . Day Passes for Friday and Sunday are $20 and $15 concession, for Saturday $25 and $20 concession and a Festival pass is $48 and $40 concession.sixth music The Splinter Orchestra is always a unique performance, this year?Seventh music?Vibraphones CD on splitrec, Dale Gorfinkle And Robbie Avenaim, describe the project.Thank you Jim for coming in this morning.In two weeks on background noise a journey into the sound world of David Lynch.  Featuring the sound and music for my film, film design and soundtrack of 2007 Inland Empire as well as some sound and music from eraserhead and twin peaks (actually the previous program on the anonradio site) .Thank You to Richard Fielding for studio production this morning.The Sound World of David Lynch here

this morning a journey into the sound world of David Lynch.  Featuring the sound and music for my film, film sound design and soundtrack of 2007, Inland Empire.  We started out with music and sound from the 1977 film eraserhead from the original LP record on IRS Records (side two track 2 –~ 2 cm in) .  The sound was designed and produced by David Lynch himself and Alan R Splet.  We heard the song In Heaven (Radiator song) with music by Peter Ivers, lyrics by David Lynch and vocal by Peter Ivers. It is in Eraserhead that Lynch’s symbiotic use of sound and image comes into fruition, and sets the standard for his later films.Eraserhead is a surrealist masterpiece and had a strong impact and was very important to many including industrial music artists such as the members of SPK.  The sound is the sound for an industrial landscape.Now more of the wonderful pure sound from eraserhead.Side 1 – 5’(1CM IN )As the sound design of Lynch’s films introduce an extra dimension to what the audience perceives, so too do Angelo Badalamenti’s compositions.These elements are particularly prevalent in Lynch’s 1990-91 television series Twin Peaks where Badalamenti’s score becomes as symbolic as the characters themselves. For decades, his films have explored the darkness inherent in American culture, often through the prism of twisted sexuality and the carefully designed sound and music highlights the visual and emotional images. The Sound and music are always appropriately unsettling such as in night life in Twin Peaks we just heard.And the twin peaks theme at the end of the prog.                                                                                            Track, Title                                                                                          9, Night Life In Twin Peaks                                                                                                           Now Inland Empire.  Completed in 2006 it took 2 1/2 years to complete.  It is written and directed by David Lynch who composed and performed much of the music.  It was entirely shot on digital video, which he predicts will be the film medium of the future.  The mysterious rabbits come from the 2002 film  of the same name written and directed by David Lynch with the tag line: “In a nameless city deluged by a continuous rain… three rabbits live with a fearful mystery”. In My Mind Inland Empire is David Lynch’s second greatest surrealist masterpiece after  Eraserhead. The Music and sound weaves the images together. David Lynch music limited label.Track, Composer , Title                                                                                                                5, David Lynch w Marek Zabrowski,Polish Night Music No. 1                                                           Started improvising together in 2004.Lynch on Korg synth,Zabrowski Steinway grand piano.2006 first public perf. Polish Consulate in NY.True improv. no score . They Experiment starting with a thought(THIS -industrial wasteland of Lodz in Poland). Lynch begins with a chord or pattern of sound.He has a great affinity with Poland.Zabrowski of pOLISH ORIGINworld renowned concert pianist and composer.
6, David Lynch, Call from the Past                                                                                                 
7, “, Ghost of Love(note vocal by David Lynch)8, “, Mansion Theme
9, “, Rabbits Theme                                             
10, “, Walkin’ the sky(vocal by David Lynch)         

11, “, Woods Variation              
13, Krzystof Penderecki, Als Jacob Erwachte                                                                                        Finally, Mel Brooks once described David Lynch as “Jimmy Stewart from Mars”.