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Background Noise:DNA and Robin Crutchfield

Posted in Background Noise by loops on April 15, 2008


                                    Background Noise Tuesday March 25, 2008

Good Morning, this morning a special on American musician Robin Crutchfield and the new York no wave band DNA . Featuring his new solo CD For Our Friends in the enchanted other world (officially released on November 13 last year) . Before That however over to Richard with some DNA information and music.


In dark day he made the most of a revolving door of musical guests over the years including Steven Brown of Tuxedomoon and filmmaker Jim Jarmusch before settling into the art of the solo computer overdub. He now pursues electronically manipulated acoustic soundscapes of faerie realms for the daydreamers of the world.


The new CD by Robin Crutchfield, For Our Friends in the Enchanted Other World is released on the American label Hand/Eye and his third solo CD .  It is surprisingly delicate and has been described as

A tiny treasure box from a lost garden, this album finds Robin further exploring his unique world; one of delicate harp compositions, glissando & deep drones. Soundscapes for daydreamers of this & other worlds.” The sounds are created by:

harp, droning tanpura,toad, wineglass, wooden flute, bells, stomping feet, jinglebox, sampler, flying machines, and forest floor all instruments are played by Robin Crutchfield. The Material was recorded at the tree house and some at forest’s edge.  Robin describes this CD as

‘harp and drone acid folk’ . The Music is in semi-eastern and middle eastern and medieval chords which tell a story like a 1001 night fairytale for the fairy folk.  I call it a new genre, elf music.  And now a selection of music from our friends in the enchanted other world.


1,Summoning Spell      

2,Stomping Ground      

3,Lost on the breadcrumbtrail                                                                                                                                             4,Finding our woodland way                                                                       

6,Dappled Forest Daylight                                                                                                             

7,The Birds Know        

8,Charmed sleep          

9,Enchanted Cream Truck                                                                                                             

10,Did I Imagine That? 


13,dwarfish determination                                                                                                                                                  

15,faeri dreams            

He says further I now devote my musical output to attempting dreamy soundscapes that paint aural pictures of the enchanted otherworld



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