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Background Noise: new Chris Watson and Fennesz releases

Posted in Background Noise by loops on May 25, 2008



Thank You Richard and may the motorik beat continue, thanks to klaus dinger.  Good Morning, this morning The First Two releases on the new 7 inch vinyl series on the touch  label from England by Chris Watson and Christian Fennesz, and we will also be playing tracks from an early solo CD by each.

The First released in January by Chris Watson, , founding member of the original English post punk band Cabaret Voltaire and the experimental group Hafler Trio and for the past 10 years field recording maestro working as sound recordist on for instance the nature program on the BBC: The Life of Birds narrated by David Attenborough. The 7 Inch record is called Oceanus Pacificus
7″ vinyl only – not available for digital download
Limited edition of 1000

The voices and rhythms of the Humboldt current around the Galapagos Islands recorded April 2006 using a pair of Dolphin Ear Pro Hydrophones onto a NAGRA ARES-Pll digital audio recorder.
1. 3m
2. 10m
Locked grooves on both sides… of which will hear two minutes, so immerse yourselves.
The Second:Christian Fennesz guitarist and experimental electronic sound artist from Vienna,7″ vinyl only Called Transition, two tracks:

Side A: On a desolate shore 5:14
Side B: A shadow passes by 3:21
These two tracks are based on 8 different guitar recordings made at Amann Studios, Vienna, between 2005-07. The acoustic guitar was recorded with an AK c12 microphone. Other sounds were made using a Fender Stratocaster and a Vox ac15 amp.

We Will Now go back in time to some earlier work by each of these artists:

Firstly following on with Christian fennesz: Hotel Parallel, released on the original mego label from Vienna in 1997, the first four tracks:

1,sz,5′ 36″

2,nebenraum,4′ 22″


4,Blok M,4′ 18″

now back to the first artist, a random selection of tracks from his second release on touch by Chris Watson, Outside The Circle of Fire, his second solo CD, released in 2004. Closely microphoned and beautifully recorded animal, insect and bird sounds in their natural habitats which sound incredibly electronic.  15′ approx.