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Background Noise: Recent Experimental Electronic Music from Vienna

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on July 1, 2008


this morning we return to Vienna in Austria for some recently released experimental/electronic music.

Firstly the CD Film by Stefan Nemeth released recently on thrill Jockey .  This is the first solo album by Stefan Németh,

 member of Radian and Lokai and the co-founder of Mosz Records. The album developed out of his years of work creating soundscapes for experimental filmakers and installation artists, but it was only after years of creating this work that he had the idea to repurpose it for an album under his own name. So Some are reworkings of previous film scores and some are stand-alone pieces.

Since around 2001, Stefan Nemeth has been working with the creators of short films and experimental videos for special film Festival programs and had always wanted to embark on a solo career.  So from film, an audio excursion, cinema for the ears, a  CD described as very cinematic.

track, title

2, field

4,luukkaankangas [ from luukkaankangas — updated, revisited ]

5,soprus(from soprus-frienship)

6,ortem ende [ from ortem ]
Next, two recent releases on the editions mego label from Vienna.  The first in a similar vein to the film CD.  A red coloured vinyl record, 12 inch 45, reworkings of soundtracks by the 70s Krautrock group popol vuh to two films by the German director Werner Herzog.  They Did rich soundtracks to his films in the 70s and 80s.  Here One is by Florian Hecker and Russell haswell and the other which we will listen to is by Mika vainio,
‘Nachts: Schnee’ from the 1987 soundtrack ‘Cobra Verde’, and delivers a skillfully constructed ambient piece of beauty, which shifts and turns over 10 minutes.


Now reissue of ‘Get Out’ which was the second full length album release by Pita (aka Peter Rehberg). The folllow up to the award winning ‘Seven Tons For Free’. Its harsh use of available computing devices made it popular both in and outside electronic

music circles of the time, especially the 11 minute anthem like 3rd track. Which We Will Hear (the second in this bracket) .  It was Made by Pita in 1998/99 using an Apple Powerbook 1400cs/133.

This Is One of the crucial documents of the laptop era’s first phase, here is a selection:

track, title






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