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Background Noise: The Anthology Of Noise and Electronic Music number five

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on July 1, 2008


this morning the brand-new an anthology of noise and electronic music number 5 –fifth a chronology 1920 — 2007 on the sub Rosa label from Belgium.  It is a worldwide survey of 20th-century to the present avant-garde and experimental music. We Will Hear a selection from each of the two CDs mainly by artists not previously played on background noise  . A Selection covering early electronic music, vocal and sound experiments and noise.


1,rogelio sosa, vinylika, 2003

3,Li chin sung a.k.a. Dickson dee, shame, 1994 — 2007

4, Francois Bernard Mache, prelude, 1959

6.Wolf Vostell,electronicher De–colagge.  Happening Raum, 1968

8. Andre Boucourechliev, Text 2, 1959


1.mauricio kagel, antithese, 1962

2. Vladimir Mayakovsky, and would you?, 1920 — restructured 1930s

3.Raul Hausmann,fmsbw, 1918, recorded in 1956

4.Gill Joseph Wolman,megapneumies,1963

6. josef Anton riedl, leonce und lena, 1963

11.Masonna/Yamazuki “Maso” Takushi, Spectrum Ripper Parts I,II,III, 1996 — 97


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  1. Illya Szilak said, on July 9, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    I thought you’d be interested in the website for a new novel Reconstructing Mayakovsky. The site,
    is fun, inventive and interactive (The audiopodcasts are presented in a “found” soundscape) Like the novel, it combines elements of science fiction, poetry, the detective story and historical fiction to tell the story of Mayakovsky in a radically different way.
    If you enjoy it, I hope you’ll share it with your friends or on your blog. Thanks.

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