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Background Noise: Trevor Wishart, Machines

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on August 8, 2008


This Morning we will be featuring the recent CD by the classic British experimental and music concrete composer Trevor WishartAlso the brand-new collaborative compilation CD with two Chinese sound artists, a Swedish artist and The Loop Orchestra released in China.  And something from the liquid architecture 9 compilation CD for the Festival .  Machine is the third CD of early works by Trevor Wishart to be released on Paradigm discs.  It was originally recorded between 1969 and 1970 and released in 1973.  It was recorded at the then new York University electronic music studios.  Due to the limited resources there was not even a mixing desk available at the start of the recordings.  There were a large number of people involved in the project . Wishart Began working with recorded sounds in 1969. In reaction to the death of his father, a factory worker, he abandoned conventional composing, bought a small portable tape-recorder and collected sounds of machinery in workshops, foundries and power stations. He Set up and directed a improvisation route-map (Machine 2) for small chorus to imitate, then transform, these sounds. Recordings of the improvisations, plus machine sources and contemporary news items formed the basis of Machine, an electronically preserved dream (1970). There Are No Instruments Used only the machines, other music concrete sources, voices directed by a score  and occasional basic electronic sources.  It is his earliest known piece and is very important in history of British electronic music.

Track, Title, Duration

1, Machine (A), 12′ 07″

2, Machine (B),8′ 51″

3, Machine (C), 12′ 58″

Next, the brand-new Ya Ji CD (elegant meeting) . The CD is released on the Chinese label KwanYin Records which is under the Sub Jam ( collective from Beijing . The Main Title Piece is a collaboration between the Swedish sound artist relapxych.0 from Stockholm, Bai Tian and Shizi from China and The Loop Orchestra. We Will Hear More from this CD in the coming programs.  Here is the title track.

1,Ya Ji, 16′ 02″

Another Brand New CD, the liquid architecture 9 compilation of artists from the Festival.  From the artist which was the best for me on Saturday night, from Sydney,kazumichi grime.  A beautiful piece like his performance on Saturday night.

8, Parlour,6′ 12″



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