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Background Noise: early SPK and interview with Graeme Revell

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this morning we will be examining through their live performances the transitional period of SPK from punk to  industrial culture between the years 1979 and 1982.  Including an interview I did yesterday afternoon with Graeme Revell the co-founder of SPK from Las Vegas.  We will be using the beautiful vinyl on demand SPK document III0 released this year and the LP records one and two of the unreleased live recordings which represent this transition.

L.P1, SIDE A  Garibaldi’s Sydney (in Riley Street and one of the pre-eminent Sydney post punk music venues) 21 April 1979

Segment One introduction by Graeme,

Track, Title, Duration

All tracks from the first 3 singles in 1979,in a beautiful separate wooden box

1, slogan, 3′ 44″

2, panik, 2′ 07″

3, factory, 2′ 21″

4?, contact, 5′ 42″


Side B the crypt London 25 April 1981 and heaven in London 23 December 1980

segment two introduction by Graeme

4, John, 4′ 49″


LP 2, SIDE A, heaven in London 23 December 1980

1, Emanation Machine R.  Gie 1916 (from the first album system planning korporation), 6′ 41″

SIDE B Brickworks Sydney 6 March 1982

segment three, introduction by Graeme

4, desolation, 1′ 30″

5, cry from the sanatorium, 2′ 59″

6, baby blue eyes, 3′ 52″

7, Israel, 2′ 32″

8, internal bleeding, 3′ 01″

9, chamber music, 4′ 09″

10, despair , 4′ 54″

segment 4 final words and overview by Graeme


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Background Noise: Brut Loops preview

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 two words only for this morning and they are Brut Loops.  A special evening Of Art Brut/Outsider Art talks, poetry readings, films and an Australian outsider art exhibition with an experimental film By Rik Rue and audiovisual performances by Ian Andrews and The Loop Orchestra who will be launching the new Chinese split CD, it is on at Artspace on Thursday, October 30 at 8 p.m..  We will be giving the full program and all details and playing sound material by Rik rue, Ian Andrews from his recent films and from the new CD Ya Ji (Elegant Meeting) . And There Will Also Be music from experimental and electronic music CDs from this year played at Brut Loops . Rik Rue’s Extraordinary Film Plasma will be the first item on the program.  Here is a recent sound piece by Rik called an open ear. It Is Described by Rik as a collage of electroacoustic culture constructed from glimpses of glitch, a continuum of loops, samples and environmental overtones within a time variant installation both pattern and content. A Big Sound Collage of work by various sound artists Rik has worked with including ottomo yoshihide from Japan and cohr fuhler from Holland  It is a multi choice of sound artists co-existing together.  An ever-changing atmosphere.  23′ 23″

Ian Andrews sound from his short films from 2006 — 2008 . All Sound is environmental from the film’s location.  The beautiful new DVD Transiterations, of these films,is will be on sale at Brut Loops. Here Is a Selection of the films.

film Title, year , duration

5 c Opera, 2006,4′ 14″?

the bells, 2007,3′ 43″

waterlevels, 2008,3′ 31″

platform #2, 2006,2′ 28″


Finally from the new split CD released in China with The Loop Orchestra, bai tian and shizi from China and Anders Peterson from Sweden.  Released on the sub jam label from Beijing.  Two tracks,

Track, Artist, title

5, Background Noise (Richard and I) remix of the CD her face amongst the shadows by Objekt4 (the former project of Anders Peterson from Stockholm), called background shadows,8′ 31″

6, Shizi ( from Beijing ),5′ 14″

$10 only on the night with the information about the artists and tracks included inside.


The Splinter Orchestra, Australian tour culminating in a performance at serial space, 33 Wellington St Chippendale next Monday at 8 p.m. for $10/eight dollars.  All details for this tour at

Brut Loops, a night of Art Brut/outsider art exhibition, talks, journeys and film along with experimental film and music.  $12/$10 at Artspace 43 – 51 cowper wharf road Woolloomooloo on Thursday, October 30 at 8 p.m..

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background noise: post punk music from Scotland and Wales 1977– 1981

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 the link is here

 This Morning we return to a classic period of British post punk from 1977 to 1981 in Scotland and South Wales.  Courtesy of numbers 104 and 105 in the Messthetics series released earlier this year.  The music is injected with the spirit of punk with more carefully constructed musical elements.  We will include an interview which I recorded yesterday with Chuck Warner who runs the American label hyped to death who have released the Messthetics series. We Begin with the words of chuck Warner whom I spoke to yesterday from his home one and a half hours north of Boston .Chuck track 1(0-4’20”,4’58”-7’08” )

Starting in Scotland Mesthetics #105

Messthetics‘ first Scottish installment focuses on a brief, intense scene of ardently independent bands who got started rubbing shoulders with 1977 punk then paid no attention at all to London after that. The sound was based on guitars of all sorts, ingeniously skewed melodies and unashamed local accents.

Track, Band         , Title                                      

1, the scrotum poles, helicopter honeymoon        

5, commercials, Simon                                       

9, visitors, moth                                                 

15, vertical smiles, new clash single                   

16, ettes, a conversation (demo version)            

19, brills, gang of one                                                                                                                    

22, he’s dead jim, towel on the radiator/lampshade                                                                                          

23, jazzateers, blue Moon over Hawaii (demo version)                                                                    

24, Paul Reekie(poet worked with mark perry’s good missionaries on bass)


Now we move to South Wales and the Z Block label scene:

By the end of 1977, years of music industry neglect  had left South Wales’ fertile ground for D.I.Y. The most basic instrumentation, one-take recordings and black and white graphics ruled the day

2, current  obsessions, fish                                  

4, tax exiles, (I don’t believe in ) miracles)            

5, flying brix, uniform (I don’t want to be different) 

9, the same, Arnold Palmer                                  

11, table table, magic moments                            

14, addiction, violence                                          

16, hugh volk, talk of the town                              

18, Ralph and the ponytails, James Bond              

19, Janet and Johns, I was a young man              

20, what to wear , we’re the Martians now

to get these CDs ,

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background noise 18/11/08: recent releases by nurse with wound part two, LP records

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this morning we continue our journey into the weird wide world of Steven Stapleton’s nurse with wound releases from this year.  This time the LP records from may and June.  Beginning with the more accessible of the two, The Bacteria Magnet released in June on the English label dirter promotions in an edition of 500.  Side one first (both sides produced by Steven Stapleton and Andrew Liles) and cover design by babs santini (Stapleton in collage mode):

side one

Track                           Title                                    Duration

1                Cruisin’ For a Bruisin’ (Bacteria  Bitch mix)                  ~7′ 46″

An extended version of the track on the CD Huffin’ Rag Blues from last show.  With the incredible stereo separation.

2                Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (Suzi Firenza vocals)                  ~5′ 50″

side two

1                Thrill Of Romance (Freida Abton vocals)                  ~7’13”

2                The Bottom Feeder                  ~5’

Now released in May on American label Beta Lactam Ring Records, title of 2008

The Musty Odour of Pierced Rectums. And Features an incredible Steven Stapleton collage, my cover of the year.  It is on heavy marbled vinyl and comes in a heavy cardboard sleeve. We Will Hear both sides, described as a collection of obsolete primitive variations, and all new and previously unreleased material and of course limited-edition, listen For anne Margaret on television in the backround:

Side one    untitled       ~14′ 25″

side two    untitled       ~16′ 35″


We look forward to further nurse with wound sound and art excursions.

Background Noise: recent Nurse with Wound releases part one

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 the link is here

this morning the first half of two parts featuring recent nurse with wound releases.  This week the CDs and next program the LP record releases.  We started with the first track, Willie The Weeper from the angular surreal pop CD HUFFIN’ RAG BLUES which visits the kitschy world of `50s exotica and lounge music.  It was released in June on the American label United Jnanal. This Is the Entry this morning into the strange dark surreal world of Stephen Stapleton. It features Stephen Stapleton of course and Andrew Lile along with a cast including Mat Waldron, Colin Potter (his usual collaborator) and his wife Diana Rogerson. The cover design is by that great collageist Babs Santini ,the assumed name for Stephen Stapleton  as visual artist..  Now two more tracks from HUFFIN’ RAG BLUES:

Track, Title, Duration

1, Willie The Weeper,0′ 57″

8, Juice Head crazy Lady,3′ 56″

10, Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’,6′ 14″

I suggest turning the volume up and listening particularly for the incredible stereophonic separation on the second track.

Now the special double CD and hardback book of photos of Stapleton’s 100 hand-painted records recently on show in Galway in Ireland and Portland, Oregon .  Limited-edition of 1500. called Images/zero MIX. CD one is called zero mix and all music is by Colin Potter and Stephen Stapleton.  It was released on the American beta-lactam ring records in May. Here is zero mix [II ] and zero mix [III ] .

2, zero mix [II ],9’48

3, zero mix [III ],13’35”
now CD 2

1,Requiem For Lady Day,11’28”
2,Ocean( For “Saucie” Redpath),first 10’