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background noise: post punk music from Scotland and Wales 1977– 1981

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 This Morning we return to a classic period of British post punk from 1977 to 1981 in Scotland and South Wales.  Courtesy of numbers 104 and 105 in the Messthetics series released earlier this year.  The music is injected with the spirit of punk with more carefully constructed musical elements.  We will include an interview which I recorded yesterday with Chuck Warner who runs the American label hyped to death who have released the Messthetics series. We Begin with the words of chuck Warner whom I spoke to yesterday from his home one and a half hours north of Boston .Chuck track 1(0-4’20”,4’58”-7’08” )

Starting in Scotland Mesthetics #105

Messthetics‘ first Scottish installment focuses on a brief, intense scene of ardently independent bands who got started rubbing shoulders with 1977 punk then paid no attention at all to London after that. The sound was based on guitars of all sorts, ingeniously skewed melodies and unashamed local accents.

Track, Band         , Title                                      

1, the scrotum poles, helicopter honeymoon        

5, commercials, Simon                                       

9, visitors, moth                                                 

15, vertical smiles, new clash single                   

16, ettes, a conversation (demo version)            

19, brills, gang of one                                                                                                                    

22, he’s dead jim, towel on the radiator/lampshade                                                                                          

23, jazzateers, blue Moon over Hawaii (demo version)                                                                    

24, Paul Reekie(poet worked with mark perry’s good missionaries on bass)


Now we move to South Wales and the Z Block label scene:

By the end of 1977, years of music industry neglect  had left South Wales’ fertile ground for D.I.Y. The most basic instrumentation, one-take recordings and black and white graphics ruled the day

2, current  obsessions, fish                                  

4, tax exiles, (I don’t believe in ) miracles)            

5, flying brix, uniform (I don’t want to be different) 

9, the same, Arnold Palmer                                  

11, table table, magic moments                            

14, addiction, violence                                          

16, hugh volk, talk of the town                              

18, Ralph and the ponytails, James Bond              

19, Janet and Johns, I was a young man              

20, what to wear , we’re the Martians now

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