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Background Noise: recent Nurse with Wound releases part one

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on December 15, 2008

 the link is here

this morning the first half of two parts featuring recent nurse with wound releases.  This week the CDs and next program the LP record releases.  We started with the first track, Willie The Weeper from the angular surreal pop CD HUFFIN’ RAG BLUES which visits the kitschy world of `50s exotica and lounge music.  It was released in June on the American label United Jnanal. This Is the Entry this morning into the strange dark surreal world of Stephen Stapleton. It features Stephen Stapleton of course and Andrew Lile along with a cast including Mat Waldron, Colin Potter (his usual collaborator) and his wife Diana Rogerson. The cover design is by that great collageist Babs Santini ,the assumed name for Stephen Stapleton  as visual artist..  Now two more tracks from HUFFIN’ RAG BLUES:

Track, Title, Duration

1, Willie The Weeper,0′ 57″

8, Juice Head crazy Lady,3′ 56″

10, Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’,6′ 14″

I suggest turning the volume up and listening particularly for the incredible stereophonic separation on the second track.

Now the special double CD and hardback book of photos of Stapleton’s 100 hand-painted records recently on show in Galway in Ireland and Portland, Oregon .  Limited-edition of 1500. called Images/zero MIX. CD one is called zero mix and all music is by Colin Potter and Stephen Stapleton.  It was released on the American beta-lactam ring records in May. Here is zero mix [II ] and zero mix [III ] .

2, zero mix [II ],9’48

3, zero mix [III ],13’35”
now CD 2

1,Requiem For Lady Day,11’28”
2,Ocean( For “Saucie” Redpath),first 10’

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