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Background Noise: early SPK and interview with Graeme Revell

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on December 23, 2008

the link is here

this morning we will be examining through their live performances the transitional period of SPK from punk to  industrial culture between the years 1979 and 1982.  Including an interview I did yesterday afternoon with Graeme Revell the co-founder of SPK from Las Vegas.  We will be using the beautiful vinyl on demand SPK document III0 released this year and the LP records one and two of the unreleased live recordings which represent this transition.

L.P1, SIDE A  Garibaldi’s Sydney (in Riley Street and one of the pre-eminent Sydney post punk music venues) 21 April 1979

Segment One introduction by Graeme,

Track, Title, Duration

All tracks from the first 3 singles in 1979,in a beautiful separate wooden box

1, slogan, 3′ 44″

2, panik, 2′ 07″

3, factory, 2′ 21″

4?, contact, 5′ 42″


Side B the crypt London 25 April 1981 and heaven in London 23 December 1980

segment two introduction by Graeme

4, John, 4′ 49″


LP 2, SIDE A, heaven in London 23 December 1980

1, Emanation Machine R.  Gie 1916 (from the first album system planning korporation), 6′ 41″

SIDE B Brickworks Sydney 6 March 1982

segment three, introduction by Graeme

4, desolation, 1′ 30″

5, cry from the sanatorium, 2′ 59″

6, baby blue eyes, 3′ 52″

7, Israel, 2′ 32″

8, internal bleeding, 3′ 01″

9, chamber music, 4′ 09″

10, despair , 4′ 54″

segment 4 final words and overview by Graeme


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  1. GRMF said, on November 23, 2009 at 7:51 am


    does anyone have a copy available of this radio show ?

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