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Background Noise: 2008 in review

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on January 9, 2009

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The best of the music brought to you on background noise interspersed with lists of my highlights from the year and a list of some who have gone but will never be forgotten. a snapshot of the year through background noise rather than a definitive list.

The first bracket of music:(3 sets of lists+RIP,13 cds-4 groups )
Track/side,Track Title,Duration
Touch 7 inch series
CD/record 1-Chris Watson ,oceanus pacificus ,first inTouch 7 inch series

sideB,45 rpm,3m,~3’,1’ locked groove

3, 2,Fennesz,Transition,Touch 7 inch series

Side B,45 RPM,on a desolate shore,5’14”

Side b,phillip jeck plays charles matthews,3’24”
4 cd,
Silvia Fässler & Billy Roisz,Skylla,editions mego demand series 01

10,Astra,1′ 39″

5 cd, demand 02 by Gert-Jan Prins: Break Before Make CD

7,Ritmokickcercando,1′ 24″
8,Drnindustriaagitato,2′ 34″

6,cd, Robin Crutchfield, For Our Friends in the Enchanted Other World is released on the American label Hand/Eye

13,dwarfish determination,3′ 05″

7,cd, Jed Speare, SoundWorks 1982 – 1987,family vineyard,cd 1

taboo death, 1982 — 6′ 55″

8 cd, an anthology of noise and electronic music number 5 –fifth a chronology 1920 — 2007 on the sub Rosa label from Belgium.cd1

4, Francois Bernard Mache, prelude, 1959,5′ 29

9, CD,Macel Duchamp, musical erratum and in conversation, LTM

8,musicale erratum,piano part 3 1’17”

 3, A L’Infinitif (in the infinitive),4′ 03″

10, cd,a slow rip,for the time being, endgame label,aus cd of the year


11,record,severed heads,adenoids,viny on demand,lp release of the year with SPK’s document III0 played last show

12,cd,coh plays cosey,raster noton,ivan pavlov and cosey fanny tutti,really brave and fresh

2, crazy,5′ 58″

13,alva noto,unitxt ,raster noton

26,spray 16x9a,1′ 07″

14,Pedal,Chris Anrahams and Simon James Phillips,Staubgold

15,soundtack to the Tender Hook by Chris Anrahams,vitamin records

1,end credit music,~3’30”
16,ron geesin, CD Biting the hand, the BBC radio broadcasts of Ron Geesin from 1969 to 1975 and released on Hux Records

2,pretty little faces,2’56”

17,klangwart, Stadtlandfluss,on staubgold

5, Telemann(a multitude of violins condense into vibrant soundwaves),5’35” for me the climax


18,nurse with wond, hunff’n rag blues on United Jnanal

10, Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’,6′ 14″, not played, played recently twice, experimental music track of the year.

19,nurse with wound,record title and cover of the year,the musty odor of pierced rectums on beta lactum ring records, cover an incredible collage by Stephen Stapleton?Babs Santini

Side 1, first 3’ not played, played recently

20 Mesthetics #104,105 DIY post punk music from Walesand Scotland,1977-81

Wales,16,hugh volk,talk of the town,2′ 05″

Scotland, 1,the scrotum poles,helicopter honeymoon,1′ 42″






The Now Now Festival,January 16-18 Wentworth Falls School of Arts

Big Anthony Mannix Exhibition Penrith Regional Gallery January 30-April,live reading  by Anthony from his writing with The Loop Orchestra on Saturday February 28
RELEASES-The M squared Vinyl On Demand Box,mainly unreleased Archival Material,launch at Megaphon Studios at the end of April with performances by reformed Scattered Order and Makers of The Dead Travel Fast

The Loop Orchestra picture disc on Pulled Out Records