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Background Noise: Laurie Scott Baker interview

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on February 16, 2009

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our very special guest for this morning,  is a living legend the pioneering improvising acoustic and electric double bassist and experimental electronic musician, Laurie Scott Baker visiting from England and his life partner Brigid, good morning Laurie and Brigid and thank you so much for coming in .  Laurie was an original member of the legendary British avant-garde collective the scratch Orchestra with Cornelius Cardew (with whom he was very friendly) in 1969 . Born in Sydney, Laurie’s formative musical experience was in improvisation and experimental music, as well as the influences of Folk, Jazz and Contemporary Classical music. As Such He Was a prominent part of the 1960s London improvised music scene.  He Will Be introducing a recent and soon to be released  recording of his improvised music collaborations from 1969 onwards . These Will Be Interspersed throughout our conversation.


start program with track from LIQUID METAL DREAMING  ~3’ then 2 more~5’




Circle Piece  parts three and four tracks 16, 17 ~9’10”


Bass Chants and Cues

1,Jackdaws Ascending,3’01”
3,Baby Binson Sonar,3’09

13,Winged Dove,1’12”



Robert Wyatt singing introduction ~1’

11,Pibroch 1926,2’00”
12,Pibroch the Call,3’29”


 Gracility track

7,747 at keithrowe airport, approx 4′




Background Noise: interview with Gail Priest

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on February 10, 2009

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this morning we are very pleased to welcome our special guest, Sydney electronic sound artist and now book editor Gail Priest.  Gail is the editor and main force behind the new book and I believe first substantial survey of Australian experimental music history.  Good morning Gail and thank you for coming in.  The book is called Experimental Music: audio explorations in Australia.  Published by the University of New South Wales press.  There is a really nice compilation CD with the book and this morning we will be taking a journey through the book and its Evolution with Gail interspersed with music from the CD.

Background Noise: Now Now Festival with Jim Denley

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on February 3, 2009

 the link is here

this morning our annual  preview of the upcoming now now Festival of spontaneous music , this morning as with last year with one of the organisers and great Sydney improvising musician Jim Denley.  The Festival will feature musicians from all over the world including the legendary guitar wildman from America, Eugene Chadbourne and our own Clayton Thomas and Claire Cooper , Festival founders (2002), from Berlin as well as  Our international improv violinist,Jon Rose.We will intersperse our conversation about the Festival with music including some unreleased by some of the performers.


Jim provided some valuable insights into the Festival organisation and artists.  The Festival was really successful and these insights really provide a nice postscript.