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Background Noise: recent releases on Staubgold

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on May 9, 2009

 the link is here



this morning two brand-new releases on the Staubgold label from Berlin.  The first called one hundred by someone we have not heard from for years namely David Cunningham collaborating with saxophonist Yasuaki Shimizu.  We started the program with? From 1979 By the English avant pop and post punk brainchild of David Cunningham namely The Flying Lizards.On This Release David Cunningham uses guitar, footpedals, delays and kalimba.Yasuaki Shimizu plays saxophone,piano and also uses delays.Over the Years David Cunningham has worked with an eclectic range of people( This Heat,David Toop,Michael Nyman) and has made installation real-time exploration of acoustics(such as the incredible installation in the big old abandoned building on Goat Island for the 11th Biennale of Sydney in 1998.He Has Said: “I am interested in what happens when time,sound and space are explored together”. Yasuaki has played with Ruichi Sakamota and Bill Laswell and is also a composer and arranger.Here Are some pieces from the new CD:


6,Why Me,5’08”


Rauschgold: Alec Empire Plays Staubgold

Remixes of tracks from Staubgold releases by Berlin sound artist, composer and DJ.  Tracks chosen by Alec Empire and Markus Detmer.

Track, artist,track title,  duration

6,organ eye,Tema #2,2’ 51”

7,The Loop Orchestra,Radiophony,3’ 55”

10,faust,a seventies event,2’ 17”

12,Die Weltraumforscher,Liebe,3’ 55”

14,Klangwart,Zweitoneins,4’ 22”

16,Paul Wirkus,Black,2’ 24”

?17,Mapstation,More People Than two,2’ 29”

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