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Background Noise:The Russian Avant-Garde 1908-1941, Part Two

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on June 8, 2009

 the link is here

this morning the second part of our presentation of the early 20th-century Russian avant-garde  through the beautiful new book and double CD release:

BAKU: SYMPHONY OF SIRENS SOUND EXPERI.MENTS IN THE SOVIET AVANT GARDE – ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS AND RECONSTRUCTIONS of 74 KEY WORKS of MUSIC, POETRY and AGITPROP(agitation propaganda) from the RUSSIAN AVANT GARDE 1908-1942.  Released on the English label RER megacorp.  Last programme we listened to a selection of the careful reconstructions of these incredible historical documents, this morning original archival recordings.

Track,title,year, duration, information

1,Enthusiasm The Dunbass Symphony,Dziga Vertov,rec. 1929-30,3’48”

3,                     “           ,”          ,,1’04”
5,                     “           ,”          ,,1’16”
7,                     “           ,”          ,,34”
8,                     “           ,”          ,,4’22”

11,Alexander mossolov,zavod Symphony of machines—steel foundry,2’ 58”

12,Dnieprostroi.The Dnieper hydroelectric power station,Julius heyfuss, rec 1931,2’ 29”

15,Winter,Alexiei Kruchenykh,1930 rec 1951 by him in Moscow,2’32”

16,Naval Romance,Vladimir Mayakovsky,1915 rec 1920,59”

17,Lili Brik reads Vladimir Mayakovsky,Steet to Street1913 rec 1950 ,1’09”

18,house painter, David Burliuk, 1913 recorded 1956, 28”

19,confessions of a hooligan,Sergei Essenin, 1921 recorded circa 1956,1’ 28”

21, the way I live, Vassily Kamensky, recorded in 1959, 43”

22,what is Soviet power,Lenin,1919 — 1920,2’ 33

25, 10th anniversary of the left opposition, Leon Trotsky,circa 1919,3’ 40”

26, night, Boris Pasternak,recorded in 1958,2’ 12”

27,to the muse,anna akhamatova, 1924 recorded 1963 – 1965,poem,43”

30,the realistic manifesto,naum gabo and noton pavena, 1920 recorded in 1968,8’ 08”

31,radio message to broadcast by Dmitri Shostakovich, 1941, 51”

32, radio broadcast of the Leningrad Symphony by Shostakovich(re creation, 1942,1’ 20”

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