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Background Noise: Clare Cooper interview and feature on Germ

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on June 21, 2009

 the link is here

this morning the recent double CD Germ studies for guzheng and DX7 by improvising duet Germ, the musical marriage of keyboard maestro and former background noise guest Chris Abrahams playing the classic electronic 80s FM synthesiser/sampler the DX7(which Chris has been exploring since the 80s) and  Berlin based harpist and co-founder of the now now Festival Clare Cooper playing the ancient Chinese zitar style guzheng.  The CD  is released on Jim Denley’s label splitrec. Mastered by Chris Townend at be Jesus Berger studios Sydney.We will learn about germ, the history, methodologies and music through the words of Clare Cooper whom I spoke to yesterday from cannes in the South of France where she is working on a television programme about the current cannes film Festival.The Australian broadcasting Corporation movie review show.  We will intersperse music from the double CD release with the words of clare. There Are 99 tracks on each CD  ranging in duration from four seconds to 8 minutes.

Beautiful minimal  electroacoustic sound sketches.We Will Begin with the words of Clare Cooper

track listing

CD 1

Track, title, duration

2,ability,1’ 41”

6,competitive edge,1’ 48”

9,eating own shoulder,1’ 32” *

12,pretty whack,0’ 12”

20, drunk thunder,0’ 28”

22,Heck,0’ 18”

25,my foolish lung,1’ 41”

44,Bear VS Cyber W@sp,0’ 43” *

48, the blob ,1’ 54”

51,pay review,0’ 46”


94,full metal guzheng,2’ 01” *

98,the fight part II,0’ 29”

6, Green March,1’ 50”

10,Hazel Hawke,0’ 40” 3,12,Forcefield Pig(Skitter),0’ 26” *
17,Big Chill,0’55”

23,Martian Chamber Music,1’ 04”

28,Halley’s Comet,0’ 27”


36,electric sewer,2’ 07”


53,Rugby,1’ 58”

64,Death of Cyber W@sp,1’ 32” *

68,The History Channel,0’ 21”

75,Rope,0’ 07”

78,General Pants,0’ 15”

82, Textured Animals,0’ 46”

89,Deliverance Like,0’ 43” *

18,90,Slaughter,0’ 04”

19,91,The Con,0’ 51”

93,Group Dynamic,0’ 20”

96,Ominous,0’ 50”

98,Jaw Dropper,0’ 52”

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