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Background Noise: M Squared feature part two

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on July 19, 2009

The link is here

This Morning, M Squared feature part two.Continuing the M squared story with two more luminaries from the M squared family, Patrick Gibson, founder, vocalist and songwriter with The Systematics and M Squared pioneer, welcome back to background noise Patrick and Shane Fahey,  vocals, synthesiser and keyboards with The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast.Welcome Shane and thank you both for coming in. We will be delving further into the beautiful new vinyl on demand M squared box, pardon me for barging in like this. Unreleased and limited released recordings from 1979 to 1983. We will intersperse our conversation with tracks chosen by Shane and Patrick from the records. We will give details at the end for being able to obtain the release.  

Tracks played:

First music bracket (The Makers of the dead travel fast), record three Style Noodle,

track title, all previously unreleased. 

sea heads



slow Wasser

Everyone’s a Winner

second music bracket. (Patrick solo  followed by the Systematics live)

firstly from record two, Not Another Bloody World, Patrick solo recordings from 1982 and 83

The Master Plan Ain’t Worth It


Children (10′ 20″ total)

from the bonus record six, 10 inch of the Systematics live supporting the cure at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney on August 8 (8/8) 1981 recorded on cassette from the mixing desk by Michael Tee

2,2, Bovine?

Third music bracket (Shane and Patrick compilation tracks) from selection record five, Patrick introduce the tracks

Side 1

1,knife on top ~3

Side 2

Untitled ,Height Dismay~3

2,3, Look at My Body (5′ 33″ total)

.the special performance night coming up.Shane.For Those of Us who lived through the M Squared days it will be like rewinding 30 years. The CAD Factory: 5 Handley St, Marrickville, Sydney
$15.00 at the door, Sunday, July 26 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m..
Web addresses:

to purchase the M Squared box

further history of M Squared,

Background Noise: M Squared Feature part one

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on July 16, 2009

The link is here

this morning M. squared records feature part 1.  with the label founders, producers and artists, the two Ms , Mitch Jones and Michael Tee.  Thank you both for coming in, welcome to background noise .  M. squared was absolutely pivotal in the Sydney post punk music scene, in the years 1979 to 1983.  It was a very innovative and generous independent label and studio . The label and its own family of groups ranged from avant pop and rock, experimental to electronic music.  This morning will also be the radio launch for the beautiful new tribute to the label released by the German label vinyl on demand.  Called pardon me for barging in like this. A Retrospective Box Set with five LP records featuring mainly unreleased recordings by groups on the label and historic photos .

The music will be from scattered order, a cloakroom assembly and tracks from the compilation record in the box.
Track listing:

Scattered Order record one, Waiting for You To Come Home.

 Side Number, Track Number, Title, Duration

1,1, “Tanks” ,1′ 43″

1,2, “Violent 4” , 1’38”

1,4 “Untitled”, 3′ 12″

2,3 “Waiting for you to come home”, 2.51

2.A Cloakroom assembly , record four , mrrk+MRRK tracks
Side Number, Track Number, Title, Duration

1,1, TOM SALTED, 02:02  
1,3, SNAREGRRR , 02:25  
1,10, RAFT , 02:00
2,2 , RETREAT 1.08 , 02.54

3.Compilation , Selection record five, Your Company’s Logo Here

Michael selection

1,4,Day Glo, Prod,3′ 27″

1, 3, Eating Paper, The East End Butchers,4′ 12″

1,2 Dusk, Height Dismay,1′ 53″

Mitch selection

Side Number, Track Number, Title, Duration

2,2, “Blood pressure in the sand” , Height / Dismay, 3′ 29″         

2,1, “Making babies in heaven” , A Volatile T Shirt , 4′ 08″