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the link is here

this morning an interview with and feature on Brisbane-based sound artist Joel Stern and the label Nature Strip . He is a multifaceted artist with a deep knowledge of and passion for experimental film. We Will Be Featuring a range of releases on the label with insights provided by him. I Spoke to Joel yesterday afternoon from Melbourne.

CD 1 (label release number five) Leaves by Eugene Carchesio and Leighton Craig

track, title, duration

1, untitled,5′ 56″

7, untitled,9′ 23″

CD2 from Joel Stern 2008, objects, masks and props (nature strip release number six).

Track, title, duration

1,Stradbroke Verse,4’57”

4,Wake In Fright,2’18”(a homage to the 1971 Australian film,a soundtrack?)

6.Dead Lakes,4’33”
8.Fortitudes End,4’12”

CD three

loren chasse -the footpath (nature strip release number seven),

 6, footpath apparitions IV,7’16”
7,arbor pores III,4’16” (nothing like a close recording of rain falling)

Background Noise: Interview with and feature on Paul Lester, English post punk/beat poet

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The link is here

this morning at feature on the punk/beat English poet Paul Lester from his earliest recordings in 1975 to a CD of recent readings released last year. He really came into recognition during the post punk movement in the English Midlands(Birmingham) in 1980 with his group Lester and The Brew. Continuing on from our Sydney post punk excursions in the last two programs Through M Squared. The same vibe and musical vibrancy and inventiveness was happening in the years following punk all over the world: Australia, UK, Europe and America. I spoke to Paul Lester yesterday and his words will be intermingled with his poetry.


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