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Background Noise: Swedish Text Sound Composition Part One

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The link is here

this morning the first of two parts on Swedish text sound composition courtesy of the Swedish fylkingen label. Released originally between 1960 and and 1977 in conjunction with the Swedish radio.Documentation of the international   text sound composition a Stockholm festival which occurred several times between those years in Stockholm. This is a reissue on five CDs (2005)of the long out of print seven LP records of the recordings. Incredible recordings many of which were realised at the Stockholm Conservatory. Although the festival was international I have chosen to concentrate on the work of the lesser known in Australia, Swedish text sound artists. The Swedish text sound is really like a marriage of text and fragments of language and electroacoustics,intended to free Swedish language. Utilising electronic studio processing of text readings.With Elements of concrete poetry and music. A few historical markers:

Concrete Music was introduced to audiences in Sweden at a fylkingen concert as early as 1952. In the words of one of the important Swedish text sound composers Sten Hanson: Fylkingen was founded in 1933 as a chamber music Society to organise concerts in Stockholm mainly of contemporary music. In the mid-60s Fylkingen was divided into several working groups with different artistic and theoretical roles not solely music .One of which was dedicated to the linguistic arts and was chaired by 30-year-old bengt emil Johnson. The term text-sound composition was coined in 1967 in Sweden by the composers/writers Lars-Gunnar Bodin and Bengt Emil Johnsson

The reason for choosing the term  text sound composition was that it could be neutral in its description. And could cover everything from sound poetry to Stockhausen.It embraced a whole history from Russian(zaum) and Italian Futurism(which freed the word),Dada poetry(such as Hugo Ball and Kurt Schwitters),surrealism and the Fench Lettrism.Also the new electroacoustics and the reel-to-reeltape recorder a la Pierre Schaeffer’s musique concrete.

bengt emil Johnson and Lars Gunnar Bodin worked at the Swedish radio and in 1967 they were sent to a conference on radiophonic art.All the pieces you will hear were recorded at the studios of the EMS(Electronic music)  Stockholm unless stated.

CD 1

Track, Artist, Title, Year, Time

2,Lars Gunnar Bodin,Fom Any Point To Another,8’57”, 1968

(b.1935) has been a central figure in Swedish electroacoustic music since the  1960s.

4,”, Plus,1′ 18″, 1976 start the program with

5,svante bodin, Transition to Majorana Space, 10′ 59″, 1968

(b.1942)is the brother of Lars Gunnar Bodin is a meteorologist and during the 60s and 70s he was a text sound composer using his experience in science as a base for his compositions.

CD 2

Track, Artist, Title, Year, Time

7, Sten Hanson, Che,1′ 24″, 1968

8,”,coucher et souffler,3′ 25″, 1968

9,”, La Destruction de votre code genetique par drogues,toxines et irradation,1′ 47″, 1969

11,”, au 197.0,5′ 43″, 1976

12,”,biopsie restez pas debout,4′ 15″, 1968

(b.1936)has worked in experimental music, literature and performance art since the 1960s.President of Fylkingen 1961-84.

Background Noise Tuesday, October 20, 2009,CONTINUED

CD 3

Track, Artist, Title, Year

8,Bengt Emil Johnson,2/67(Medan),1967

Recorded at the Swedish Radio(b.1936)Started working with text sound composition in 1963 and is one of the first in the field.Pioneer of Swedish text sound composition.
visit to Daniel at Fylkingen.


Firstly, the exhibition opened last night and I spoke to Prof Colin Rhodes a few days ago.The Gallery Is Open Monday to Friday 10 AM to 4:30 PM and midday until 4 PM on Sundays, Anne is visiting from America and will be speaking at the exhibition today, Wednesday from midday to 1 PM phone 9351 6883

Everyone should see the quintessential outsider art exhibition in the first exhibition by Susan King from New Zealand at the Callan Park outsider art Gallery, Sydney College of the arts in Rozelle, open Saturdays 11 AM to 4 PM or by appointment.Until Saturday, October 31.

Next Program CDs Four and Five from This Collection of Swedish Text Sound Composition As Well As Some pioneers of Swedish electronic music.



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Background Noise: Music That Shocked the World, the incredible outsider art of Susan King

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The link is here   this morning parts three and four of the special four-part radio series music that shocked the world produced by APM studios. We begin with part three.


 Part four is a multilayered mega-mix/montage of musical styles from the 20/21st century. The styles and genres covered include the development of blues and jazz, avant-garde orchestral, electronic, minimalism and rock ‘n’ roll. For background to the programs and samples visit

 Interview with the curator Peter Fahey of a quintessential outsider art exhibition by New Zealand outsider artist Susan King. Raw, visionary, intuitive and overwhelming. Her first exhibition.