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Background Noise: UK DIY/Post Punk music from London 1978-81 and Manchester 1979-84

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this morning A Prelude to the 2010 festival of Sydney tribute to Sydney post punk from 1979 to 1983.Signal to noise.

We Return to the Independent DIY post punk English music. Two new releases on the hyped2death label.

Messthetics #107, DIY 1978 to 1981 London part three, and a collection called pathology by Gods gift from Manchester 1979 to 1984. But firstly the years following punk in London and the energy of punk was joined by a plethora of new musical arrangements and ideas. It was real DIY cottage industry with handmade 7 inch limited-edition (commonly 500) record covers with the edition numbers hand drawn. One of the important small labels was the dining out label. Relevant more widely known groups interacting with the London DIY scene included a certain ratio ,the pop group,joy division,swell maps and scritti politi. Some of the groups were listening to German Kraut rock and early Brian Eno. John Peel was a great fan of many of the bands. And his support was very important. Bedroom recordings on four track were the order of the day. Most recordings are from the years 1980/81.

Some Band members became members of groups such as 23 skidoo and the flying lizards.

Track, artist,title, duration, information

3, avocados, I never knew, 2′ 26″

4, occult chemistry, occult chemistry,1′ 32″

5, patterns, the Bishop (edit ) 4′ 14″, featuring really inventive vocal and musical arrangements and the voice of Blatt from the native hipsters who formed from Patterns.

6, six minute war, weathermen, 2′ 50″

7, Demon preacher, Royal Northern,2′ 45″

10, stolen power, Little White lies,2′ 54″


11, flags, is God love?, 2′ 54″, sounds like scattered order, they developed completely independently proving that post punk was a worldwide phenomenon.

*15, 49 Americans, Newton’s laws,1′ 11″, they had over 49 members over their existence, the main member was a fellow by the name of Giblet. Other members included at various times improvisers Steve Beresford, David Toop and Max Eastly (hence interaction with the London musicians collective), Viv Albertine from the slits and nag and Bendle from the door and the window.

*17, the milkmen, since you went away,2′ 17″, recorded one of their demos at Ariwa studios of the then relatively unknown mad professor.

*19, design for living, one to the wise,2′ 46″, formed by Fawcett from Patterns.Everybody helped and encouraged each other.
21, 49 Americans, should be more ideal,1′ 54″

Background Noise Tuesday, December 15, 2009 Continued

moving north to Manchester:

Gods Gift (deliberately and ironically with no apostrophe ) , Collection Called Pathology 1979 — 1984. The mainstays of the band over the years were Steve Edwards on vocals and Steve Murphy on guitar, his Musical interests at the time of their formation was rock and Steve Edwards included Roxy music and David Bowie. Bands which they went to see included the Buzzcocks, The Fall and Joy division. Their main inspiration for starting the band was the Velvet Underground. They thought, they cannot play their instruments but they are brilliant. Rather cynical and often nihilistic Steve Edwards famously said to the audience “watcha dancing for, it’s tuneless you pillock”. At least six of the members over the years worked inside Prestwich Asylum, the largest psychiatric hospital in the UK at the time (2500 patients). The hospital’s grayness, hopelessness, and constant menace permeated not just GG’s tunes and lyrics, but their very stage-presence, Edwards in work clothes and Murphy with his back to the audience.They Were Associated with the label new hormones at a time when factory records dominated Manchester. They became involved with the Manchester musicians collective through which they were always assured of gigs

Track, Title, Duration, details


1, anaesthetic,4′ 06″, about drinking culture in the north-west of England

3, Jacqueline’s admission,5′ 41″, based on a short story written by Steve Murphy while working on an acute admissions ward at the hospital.

4, no god (12 inch version),5′ 02″, written by Steve Murphy  in a library at the age of 15.

5, discipline,4′ 24″, to be released in a special edition on the play loud label along with a live DVD in 2010.
6, the strong and the weak,3′ 50″, about the wide chasm between nurses and patients at Prestwich Asylum.

Both Releases are on the hyped2death label ( You to Chuck Warner from hyped to death for the CDs.


Next Program in two weeks will be our annual review of the year in music and the arts. You can listen to all previous editions of background noise at including the last special programme with Lloyd Swanton and Chris Abrahams From the Necks



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