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Background Noise: M Squared special part two, Scattered Order with Mitch Jones and Michael Tee

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on February 16, 2010

The link is here

this morning part two of our M squared special. We welcome back Michael Tee and Mitch Jones the founders of the M squared studio and label. They are also the founders of Scattered Order. We will be journeying through the history of scattered order from birth to rebirth last year. They have chosen a range of music from throughout their history right up to this year.
Track listing:

title, duration, source

“Mass Murder” ,– (2.05),           “Prat Culture Plus”

“Screaming Tree”, – (2.58),“Prat Culture Plus”

“Slot Car Synth” ,– (1.27),Prat Culture Plus”

“Absolute Moral Icepools” ,– (4.25),“Prat Culture Plus”
bracket 2

“Koo Koo Kamus” – (6.11)         , “Prat Culture Plus”

“Heat” – (3.51), “Terrace Industry”, track seven

“Astro Pants” – (11.52)  , SO”,track 2
bracket 3

“Boys in Coal Trucks” (2010), – 4.43, Unreleased

“Eat @ Joes” – (5.31), Unreleased
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