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Background Noise: Musique Concrete pioneer Josef Anton Reidl recordings 1951 — 1998

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this morning we go back in time in the history of electronic music to a pioneer by the name of Josef Anton RIEDL the German electronic sound and multimedia artist. He was born in Munich in 1929 and composed music for experimental film and theatre. He worked with the founder of musique concrete Pierre Schaeffer in Paris from 1951 to 1955.  This is all Courtesy of a double CD release at the end of 2009 of recordings from 1951 to 2007 regions of sound on the additions RZ label from Germany. The compilation includes many of his musique concrete experiments and other compelling work such as Paper Music.

He worked at various music studios including the NWDR (Northwest German Broadcasting) studio in Cologne, and was the artistic director of the Siemens Studio For Electronic Music in Munich from 1959-1966 where most of these pieces were recorded my to do. During the same period he founded the Neue Musik München/Klang-Aktionen concert series, and established the Musik/Film/Dia/Licht-Galerie, which has presented multimedia compositions (“sound/light/scent-games”), audiovisual environments, events, exhibitions (“Paper Music I,” and installations at important national and international festivals. 

CD 1

Track, Title, Year,Time

1, Paper Music I, 1961/70,4′ 37″

3, Drawing — Clapping/-Draw, 1979/81,4′ 12″

5, Fontana Mix Mix, 1974/76/79,5′ 04″

7, from lautgedichtfolge g), 1977/79/98,5′ 00″, pure sound poetry


11, Polygonum, 1968/70,1′ 34″, musiquue concrete sound poetry

12,leonce and lena from, 1963/64,1′ 51″,”
13, Perhaps -Duo, 1963/68/70,3′ 26″ ”
14, Musique Concrete -Study II, 1951/59,2′ 33″

15, Musique Concrete –Study I, 1951/59,3′ 04″

18, from series of 4 studies: Study II 62, 1962,5′ 46″

CD 2

Track, Title, Year, Duration

1, composition No 3, 1965/67,6′ 28″

3, from series of 4 studies study 61 I, 1961,7′ 01″

5, electronic music study II, 1959,5′ 04″

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Background Noise: Recent German experimental electronic music releases

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this morning recent European electronic music releases:

the number one electronica CD from last year in the wire magazine  by German minimal electronic sound artist alva noto (Carsten Nicolai from Berlin) and Japanese composer and musician, ruichi sakamoto playing piano and experimental electronics released on the raster noton from Berlin, CD and DVD of a live collaborative performance.It is a synergetic mixture of electronic and natural sounds that is expanded by the potential of the classical instruments of Ensemble Modern including violas, cellos, bases, flutes and various percussion. Utp_, the title of the new composition is deduced from the term “utopia,” and hence describes an approach that leaves space for further extensive associations . Also, German sound artist Marc Behrens compilation works 1996 — 2005 released as a download in 2009. Two German electronic sound artists, two totally different release formats.

Firstly, ruichi sakamoto and alva noto with ensemble modern



2, grains,6′ 24″

3, particle one,6′ 40″

7, silence,6′ 51″

9, broken line 2,6′ 26″

now marc Behrens, compilation works 1996 — 2005

His works mainly consist of concrete electronic music, installations, the occasional photograph or video. Recent activities include field recording trips to remote western China and the Amazon rainforest. This release is on the cronica media label based in Porto Portugal.

track, title, duration


15,quersumme rlw, 11′ 17″

16, Revelation,7′ 10″

? 18, that which is the,6′ 49″

19, real player f***ed my Netscape settings,1′

Background Noise: Public Image Limited, plastic box, the Wobble years

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the difference between punk and post punk can be clearly seen in the difference between the sex pistols and the group formed by John Lydon (formerly Johnny Rotten) public image Ltd (PIL) after the demise of the sex pistols, in 1978 with Keith Levine on guitar and jah wobble on bass. The incredible motorik drumming was originally Canadian Jim Walker, Richard Dudensky and Martin Atkins. And manager was London former musician, filmmaker and record company executive Jeanette Lee. The energy of the sex pistols but injected with intelligent musical ideas and arrangements. This morning the limited edition plastic box released last year by virgin UK with unreleased recordings such as from John Peel session in 1979 as well as all vinyl releases.

Concentrating on the first two years,the wobble years before the departure of jah wobble at the end of 1980.PIL had a great impact on many post punk bands including Sydney’s Scattered Order. When PIL came on to the scene in 1978 there was a certain amount of resentment from fans of the sex pistols and the media who did not want the sex pistols to end. John Lydon ended the sex pistols because he believed he had taken them as far as they could go and he wanted excitement and a new musical adventure and believes that people now understand PIL better than they did at the time. He chose Keith Levine and jah wobble because they would be able to be musically adventurous. They successfully fused the influences of Kraut Rock and dub reggae.

CD 1


1,public image,a- side,the first single,2’58”, October 1978, written about all the pistols fans and others who just wanted Johnny Rotten to never change. He did not want to keep repeating himself. The record company never thought it would be successful, reached number nine in the UK charts

2,the cowboy song,b — side, the first single,2′ 18″, very adventurous

4, religion I, public image limited first issue — first album, December 1978,1′ 28″

5, religion II,”,5′ 48″ break

9, poptones, metal box unreleased BBC Peel Sessions,4′ 32″, 1979, story about a cassette with a song playing repeatedly in a car which was used to abduct a young girl, after her release police identified the car from the cassette with the song playing

10, careering, metal box unreleased BBC Peel session,7′ 32″, 1979, metal box was really the quintessential PIL release. They all believed that the future lay in video and film and so it was released as 3 12 inch 45 records in a film canister also because John Lydon was a great record collector and did not want the records to be damaged. With metal box they wanted to further develop the cinematic film theme.

11, chant, metal box unreleased BBC Peel session,5′ 14″, 1979 break

12, death disco (12 inch remix), 1979,6′ 42″, June 1979, John wrote this for his mother who had cancer which she thought was very funny. The family were always able to laugh in any predicament.

14, no birds do sing, June 1979 b side of death disco 7 inch,4′ 42″, after a poem by Keats which seemed to apply to his thoughts about suburbia break


tracks from metal box:

4,the suit,3’31”
5,bad baby,4’31”

In September last year John Lydon reformed PIL with a new lineup.