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Background Noise: Musique Concrete pioneer Josef Anton Reidl recordings 1951 — 1998

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this morning we go back in time in the history of electronic music to a pioneer by the name of Josef Anton RIEDL the German electronic sound and multimedia artist. He was born in Munich in 1929 and composed music for experimental film and theatre. He worked with the founder of musique concrete Pierre Schaeffer in Paris from 1951 to 1955.  This is all Courtesy of a double CD release at the end of 2009 of recordings from 1951 to 2007 regions of sound on the additions RZ label from Germany. The compilation includes many of his musique concrete experiments and other compelling work such as Paper Music.

He worked at various music studios including the NWDR (Northwest German Broadcasting) studio in Cologne, and was the artistic director of the Siemens Studio For Electronic Music in Munich from 1959-1966 where most of these pieces were recorded my to do. During the same period he founded the Neue Musik München/Klang-Aktionen concert series, and established the Musik/Film/Dia/Licht-Galerie, which has presented multimedia compositions (“sound/light/scent-games”), audiovisual environments, events, exhibitions (“Paper Music I,” and installations at important national and international festivals. 

CD 1

Track, Title, Year,Time

1, Paper Music I, 1961/70,4′ 37″

3, Drawing — Clapping/-Draw, 1979/81,4′ 12″

5, Fontana Mix Mix, 1974/76/79,5′ 04″

7, from lautgedichtfolge g), 1977/79/98,5′ 00″, pure sound poetry


11, Polygonum, 1968/70,1′ 34″, musiquue concrete sound poetry

12,leonce and lena from, 1963/64,1′ 51″,”
13, Perhaps -Duo, 1963/68/70,3′ 26″ ”
14, Musique Concrete -Study II, 1951/59,2′ 33″

15, Musique Concrete –Study I, 1951/59,3′ 04″

18, from series of 4 studies: Study II 62, 1962,5′ 46″

CD 2

Track, Title, Year, Duration

1, composition No 3, 1965/67,6′ 28″

3, from series of 4 studies study 61 I, 1961,7′ 01″

5, electronic music study II, 1959,5′ 04″

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