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Background Noise: A Cloakroom Assembly new CD with Michael Tee

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The link is here

this morning  the new double cd by a cloakroom assembly,Territory+Populatiom (Michael Tee,co-founder of msquared,1/2 of scattered order mk 1and 1/3 of ya ya choral). Michael Tee is our special guest taking us through the music on the new CD and also some unreleased recordings in rehearsal for the recent launch and live in Melbourne in April. Good morning Michael and welcome back to background noise. The new CD is released on Endgame Records ( ).
track, title, duration
unreleased live recording, 1, music from circa 1958 in rehearsal June 11, 2010,9′ 10″

2,Tom Salty,9’59
3,Beltane Jzzzz

unreleased live recording,Another Night in Stanwell Park (live at Loophole in Melbourne April 24, 2010,7′ 23″

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Background Noise: Around the World with Henry Jacobs, American absurd folklorist and Sinan from SPK

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The link is here

this morning Around the world with Henry Jacobs.Absurd folklorist Henry Jacobs returns with a selection of rare interviews, odd loops, sales pitches, early synthesizer demos from the 50s and 60s supplemented with some new improvisations.It Is a New CD On Important Records. Most recordings have been done with our favourite instrument the Reel to reel tape recorder.

Henry Jacobs says about the CD recordings, “the recordings presented here were  selected from a collection I abandoned 40 years ago underneath my home in Mill Valley California. It appears their unearthing provided enough mayhem for yet another visit to the castaway archive. To spice up the stew I added a fee new works to this mix.

The bonus disc features Kenneth Rexroth and Lawrence Ferlinghetti reading works I recorded on the first night of a poetry/jazz series held at the cellar in San Francisco’s North Beach during the month of February 1957.” It was the first time these beat poets had read to jazz music.


Track, Title, Duration

1,2,3,4,5(start with),9,10,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,21

1, intro,0′ 16″

2, Persimmon,2′ 27″

3,pitch,5′ 23″

4, brown pastures,3′ 19″

5, Britannica,1′ 01″ (start with?)

7, Ocean,1′ 00″

8, playground,0′ 33″


9, microtonal,1′ 26″ (start with)

10, Abstract,0′ 57″

11, John Gray poet,2′ 09″

13, Untitled,2′ 27″

14, 12345,0′ 08″

15, hi-fi,2′ 47″

16,fall guy,1′ 04″

17, get a tape recorder,0′ 21″

18, donutty world,1′ 30″

19, secret of the sounds,0′ 54″

21, wrap up,1′ 03″


All Recordings, poets Kenneth Rexroth and Lawrence Ferlinghetti

1, Kenneth Rexroth ,For a Masseuse & Prostitute,2’06”

2, “,Between Myself & Death,4’44”
4, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Sometime During Eternity,3’01”

5,”, The World Is a Beautiful Place,2’03”
6,”, Loves Comes Harder to the Aged,1’48”
9, Kenneth Rexroth,The Old Song & Dance [Excerpt],2’31”
10,”, She Is Away,5’27”

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