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Background Noise: A Cloakroom Assembly new CD with Michael Tee

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on July 13, 2010

The link is here

this morning  the new double cd by a cloakroom assembly,Territory+Populatiom (Michael Tee,co-founder of msquared,1/2 of scattered order mk 1and 1/3 of ya ya choral). Michael Tee is our special guest taking us through the music on the new CD and also some unreleased recordings in rehearsal for the recent launch and live in Melbourne in April. Good morning Michael and welcome back to background noise. The new CD is released on Endgame Records ( ).
track, title, duration
unreleased live recording, 1, music from circa 1958 in rehearsal June 11, 2010,9′ 10″

2,Tom Salty,9’59
3,Beltane Jzzzz

unreleased live recording,Another Night in Stanwell Park (live at Loophole in Melbourne April 24, 2010,7′ 23″

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