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Background Noise: John Cage month part one with Geoffrey Barnard

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Richard Fielding and  John Blades back for a very special morning. John Cage was the most important composer and conceptualist of the 20th-century. This morning we are very privileged to be taken on a guided journey into and through the world of John Cage with Australian Improvising Music Pioneer Geoffrey Barnard Who Knew John Cage Well and stayed in his New York apartment on a number of occasions. Welcome Geoffrey to background noise and the first part of our John Cage month. Through anecdotes and rare insights we will gain a personal perspective of the great John cage that you will not read about in books including some quotes. There is plenty of basic biographical information On John Cage on the Internet which we will not be covering. Geoffrey has carefully chosen music for each of the programs from his own collection of the music of John Cage. This morning the early years of the 1940s and 50s.
Tracks played


First bracket

Track title, year, source, duration

Imaginary Landscape No 2 , April 1942, Hat Hut Records, Switzerland:, 6’24”
Radio Music , May 1956, Cramps Records, Italy:, 6’02”                                                                        

Second bracket                                                        

 Solo for Sliding Trombone , 1957-58 + Fontana Mix , Nov 1958, Etcetera Records, Netherlands:, 16′ 52″

Third bracket                                                                  

Fontana Mix – Feed , 1958/1965, Alga Marghen, Italy: 10′ 08″

  Version recorded in December 1965 at WDR Studios, Cologne

Max Neuhaus, live electronics

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Background Noise: John Cage month part two with Geoffrey Barnard

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, Richard and John return with the second instalment of our special John Cage month with Geoffrey Barnard Australian improvising music pioneer who knew John Cage well and stayed several times in his New York apartment ,Welcome back  Geoffrey. Having laid the foundations in program one we go deeper into the life and ideals Of John Cage. With carefully chosen music from Geoffrey’s collection, starting with 1947, 1960  into the 1970s and 80s. Including the words Of John Cage himself. We delve into little-known but essential aspects of his life and provide an overview of the legacy and impact of his ideas and music. Further unique insights and anecdotes from Geoffrey.
Tracks played

Musical bracket one

Title, year, source, duration

Music for Marcel Duchamp , (1947), Cramps Records, 6′ 29″

Music for Amplified Toy Pianos , (Feb 1960), CD included with Italian publication John Cage (Materiali Sonori Edizioni), 11’50”

Musical bracket two

Extracts from a conversation at the State University of New York, Albany on 9 September 1973 between John Cage and Joel Chadabe (with a contribution by David Tudor) prior to the first US performance of Bird Cage,Electronic Music Foundation, USA:, 3’18”

Bird Cage, (April 1972), Electronic Music Foundation, USA, 14’32”

Musical bracket three

Five, (January 1988), Mode Records, USA:, 5’06”

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Background Noise: German experimental rock and electronic music 1972, 1974 and 2009

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, this morning spanning the years of German experimental electronic music from 1972 ,harmonia live  in 1974 and alva noto from last year. Starting with Kraut Rock group agitation free and the  first LP Malesch from 1972. They were one of the greatest exponents of German experimental rock music in the early 70s. A five piece from Berlin they formed in 1967. This album was their response to their Middle Eastern touring experience.

CD 1

Track, Title, Duration

1, you play for us today,6′ 14″

2, Sahara city,7′ 50″

3, Àla Tul,4′ 54″


Another great exponent of Kraut Rock, Harmonia recorded live in Germany in 1974. They formed in early 1973 as a collaboration between Michael Rother of Neu! and Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Möbius of Cluster . As such they were really the Kraut Rock supergroup. Various websites quote Eno as saying that Harmonia was “the world’s most important rock band”. Their music includes the motorik drumming of Neu and the ambience of cluster. Here is a fine pulsing motorik piece.

CD 2

2, veteranissimo, 17′ 25″


CD 3 Xerox 2 from last year by Alva Noto from Berlin, 28 years later than Agitation Free sort of like going round in a loop. Minimal noise scapes. All tracks sample manipulation Xerox. And recorded in Berlin in 2008. Released on the raster noton label. Thanks for the samples is given to Stephen O’Malley, Michael Nyman, Ruichi Sakamoto, Continental airline malfunctioning.

4,Xerox meta phaser,6’23”
6,Xerox,monophaser 1,8’04”
9,Xerox Teion Acat,5’26”

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