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Background Noise: Chris Abrahams and Anthony Pateras in conversation about their recent music releases

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on December 3, 2010

The link is here

this morning the recent work of two really fine Australian exploratory music musicians. Recent releases by keyboardist/electronic sound artist Chris Abrahams (solo CD) and the collaborative project of multidisciplinary musician Anthony Pateras. Chris Abrahams CD is called Play Scar on the room 40 label from Brisbane and Anthony is one half of PÍVIXKI;with drummer Max Kohane and their incredible high energy sonic excursion is called Gravissima. There will be interviews with each about the CDs. Both have been previous background noise guests.


CD 1 Play Scar by Chris Abrahams

Track, Title, Duration


1, there he reclined,8′ 01″

3, twig blown,3′ 44″

6, bird and wasps, 11′ 18″


CD2 Gravissima by PIVIXKI

Track, Title, Duration

1,flail 28″

2, Konx,2′ 11″

3, Gravissima,3′ 35″


6, Delirious Heave,3′ 21″ (delicate opening and beautiful looping)

9, Fools/Fanatics,2′ 28″ (a real collaborative freedom)

10, Repeaters,3′ 47″ (really very musical)

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