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Background Noise: Scattered Order the new CD adjust the terminology with Michael Tee and Mitch Jones

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on December 3, 2010

the link is here

this morning the most frequent background noise guests, Michael Tee and Mitch Jones, the builders labourers of the avant-garde, scattered order founding members and founders of M squared the flagship of the Sydney post punk scene from 1979 to 83 they return to guide us through a journey into their new CD called adjust the terminology. This is a further exploratory music development in noise, tone and texture.

First bracket:

Track, Title, Duration

1, eat at Joe’s Vs why,5′ 30″ and almost a brutal opening and quite aggressive with a nice female spoken sample, like an explosion of energy.

2, Ruined by Me,6′ 37″, completely opposite side of your music, carefully sculpted sounds, very filmic.


Second bracket:

3, viral rhythm,6′ 29″

5, oil and plank,4′ 01″, some stark samples from B grade film and very colourful guitar

6, I want to be in a castle,4′ 54″ film dialogue (I want to be in a castle) interesting use of percussion, very dramatic almost processional.

third bracket:

7, Rotten  Burroughs,7′ 49″, William Burroughs seems to have had an impact on so many popular mediums

8, Thunk Tank,7′ 36″, New Zealand pronunciation.

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  1. David said, on December 4, 2010 at 5:01 am

    This new Scattered Order album is brilliant. Very lush soundscapes, and I always love Mitch’s sample choices. I recognize ‘I want to live in a castle’ as being about Ted V. Mikels who of course did live in a castle! Great stuff.

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