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Background Noise: Anthology Of Noise And Electronic Music Sixth A Chronology

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on January 10, 2011

The link is here

this morning the anthology noise and electronic music sixth a chronology. Another outstanding collection of challenging sounds from around the world on the sub rosa label from Belgium. This will be the second last in the intended series of seven. They have all been absolutely outstanding compilations, beautifully packaged and with comprehensive notes. Covering the years 1957 to 2010. Many of the anthologies have been in the top five compilations of the year in the wire review of the year and several have been number one.

CD 1

track, artist, country, title, year, duration

1,3,5,6, 11, 12

1, Israel Martinez, composer and sound artist from Mexico, Mi Vida, 2007,6′ 59″

3, Joseph Nechvatal, sound artist born in Germany lives and works between Tehran and San Francisco, Ego Masher, 1983,7′ 05″

5, Henry Cowell, USA, pioneering musical avant-gardist, The Banshee, 1925/1957,2′ 23″

6, Dick Raaymakers, Holland, Pioneer of electronic and tape music, Piano Forte, 1959/1960,4′ 55″

12, Torturing Nurse, Shanghai, Yes or No (heavily influenced by Japanese noise, 2010,4′ 49″


1,z’ev, composer, performer and percussionist, originally from Los Angeles lives and works in London and Los Angeles, 12 November 1980,Melkweg Amsterdam-prev. unrel.,7’33”

4,the pain barrier,Leipzig Germany,The Pain Barrier Virus, 2003, 5’33”

8, Tzvi Avni, composer, born in Germany lives and works in Tel Aviv Israel, vocalise, 1964, realised at the Columbia Princeton Electronic music centre and Tel Aviv, 5′ 21″?

9, Else Marie Pade composer, Denmark lives and works in Copenhagen, Syv Cirkler (seven circles) the first electronic music piece to be performed in Denmark in 1959 created in 1958,      7′ 06″

10, John Duncan artist, composer and performer, originally from Kansas lives in Bulgaria and Italy, the Nazca Transmission #2 (electronic manipulation of environmental sounds), 2005,8′ 13″

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