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Background Noise: Rod Cooper Australian outsider musician and instrument maker interview and feature

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on April 5, 2011

The link is here

this morning a feature on and interview with Melbourne-based outsider musician and instrument builder Rod Cooper. He creates instruments from found materials as well as interventions with the existing instruments. We will be featuring self released CDs from 2010 including his first CD of songs which were performed beautifully and intimately at the difficult music festival in January. I spoke to Rod last Friday afternoon from Melbourne.

Music played:

CD s

1.accepting the machines
track number, title, duration

1, Vocal intro,5′ 37″

3, Ajax train spoonbill ,0′ 00″ – 5′ 00″

? 5, Pole bow fans,0′ 00″ –3′ 30″

7, Plate radio supply,4′ 53″

 2.Random Bule

1, burn the music,5′ 04″

2, hanging around the house in the nude,4′ 03″

3, too many particles, (about Sydney) 4′ 00″


4, house of sin,4′ 43”

8, I love resonating objects,3′ 36″

9, random Bule,2′ 38″


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