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Background Noise: Tony Barrell tribute and Thomas Koner feature

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on May 6, 2011

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this morning’s program is dedicated to the memory of Tony Barrell, a beautiful human being and a wonderful radio producer, program maker and broadcaster. He was a pioneer of the groundbreaking and possibly greatest ever radio station 2 JJ which went to air in 1975 on the ABC. Who can forget him playing San Francisco avant-gardeists the residents on the breakfast show. Since then he has created some of the finest radiophonic feature programs for the ABC radio National such as the real Far East. He passed away suddenly and peacefully on Wednesday night March 30 at the age of 70. This morning’s program is full of music which could really be a soundtrack for his life. And to accompany quiet contemplation of him who was larger than life. He was a great inspiration for myself and many others who have followed his journey in radio. He was the living embodiment of radio. And will be sorely missed as he is being already. We will never forget, his legacy will live forever. Thank you Tony. This is for you. Constantinople by the residents from 1978 from the duck stab EP.


A couple of passings in the world of experimental music in the early part of this year. Milton Babbit was a pioneering electroacoustic and music concrete composer. He worked at the Columbia Princeton university’s electronic music studios  in Manhattan (America’s first electronic music studio). And was also a teacher and theorist . He passed away at the age of 94 on January 31 . His meticulously constructed electronic music assemblages were fine and detailed as exemplified by this piece Philomel from 1964.

Early gurus of electronic music, CD 1 track 15. (4′ 57″)

Rolf Julius was a visual and sound artist from Germany . He passed away aged 72 on January 21

Here Is a sound piece called Black (inside) released on a flexi disk in the April issue of the wire magazine. (3′ 30″).

This morning minimal electronic soundscapes that we can immerse ourselves in by the German electronic sound artist Thomas Koner. From the reissue of his first three releases remastered and released as a beautiful triple CD in 2010   on type recordings. Slow, dark electronic music compositions for alien worlds almost with no human life.

CD1  first release Numatak Gongamur 1990


3, untitled,4′ 29″

6,”,3′ 30″

7,”,4′ 58″

CD 2 Teimo 1992

2, Andenes, 10′ 06″

3, Teimo,5′ 14″

CD 3 Permafrost 1993

4, permafrost, 10′ 09″

5, meta incognita,7′ 03″