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Background Noise: New Label Spectrum Spools First Releases

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on June 3, 2011

The link is here

Two Brand-New first releases on the new label which is a meeting of Editions Mego from Austria and John Elliott from the group Emaralds. The label is called Spectrum Spools. The first release an LP record a sort of radiance by Fabric. A multidimensional work in which you can really submerge yourself. Fabric is the work of Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist Matthew Mullane.

Side , track number, title, duration

A,1,Orangeand Red,1′ approximately

“,2, Leaving the House,6′ approximately

“,4, camera,4′ approximately

B,1, containers,1′ approximately

“,2, light float,7′ 30” approximately

“,4, soft disconnect,4′ 50” approximately



The second release on the new label spectrum spools is by Bee Mask edited and mixed in Cleveland and Philadelphia. An electronic work of great beauty incorporating piano, voice, percussion and tape on par with the classics of experimental and electronic music, carefully and meticulously composed. Bee Mask’s Canzoni dal Laboratorio del Silenzio Cosmico. Real name Chris Madak, Bee Mask has been releasing a ton of music since the early noughties; this album is a vinyl edition of a limited cassette which came out on Gift Tapes last year. Both releases beautiful limited-edition records (500) with exquisite cover design. Thank you to Peter Rehburg for supplying us with these glorious releases which can be obtained through the website

Side, track number, title, duration

A, untitled, 12′ 50″ approximately

B,”, 15′ 10″

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