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Background Noise: Mitch Jones interview and feature on 41 Pardons volume 1, M Squared archival recordings

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on June 4, 2011

The link is here

this morning special guest Mitch Jones one of the founders of M squared and scattered order and another regular guest , good morning Mitch and welcome back to background noise. He will be presenting another beautiful M squared archival release celebrating Sydney post punk. 41 pardons M squared rare recordings 1979 to 1983 volume 1 double CD released recently on Ascension records release of the vinyl on demand pardon me for barging in like this vinyl box set  from 2009 with crystal clear sound quality. All tracks being totally remastered?. The first time these really historically important tracks have appeared in digital format, preserved forever.

CD 1

1st Bracket

Track, Artist, Title, Duration

1, Scattered Order,Tanks,1.46

7,”,Waiting for you to come home,2.53

6,”,Because they are more difficult,3.14

2nd Bracket

8,Patrick Gibson,Modra Inara,2.17


13,”I needle the oven,3.32

3rd Bracket

15,A Cloakroom Assembly,Tom Salted,2.04

18,Keeping Apprehension Tim,2.16

22,The Airside,3.20
CD 2

4th Bracket

track, Artist, Title, Duration

4,Makers of the Dead Travel Fast,Sea Heads Part 1,6.43


10,“,Die for my house,2.12

5th Bracket

12,Prod,Jet Boy survives the fall,5.19

13,East End Butchers,The elephant freak,2.07

17,Volatile T Shirt,Making babies in heaven,4.04

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