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Background Noise:Radio Launch of Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music Volume 2 With Clinton Green

the link is here

this morning some important news later but first, the official radio launch of the soon-to-be released Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music volume 2 on shame file music from Melbourne. Clinton Green who runs the label  is our special guest. Giving some special insights into the music and the release. I spoke to Clinton a few days ago .


CD 1

Track, Artist (city), source, Title, Year, Duration

3, 4, 10, 11, 12, 13

3, The Loop Orchestra from Sydney, unreleased on CD live to air on 2MBS percussion section (excerpt), 1983, first recording,6′ 06

4, Forced Audience (filmmaker Gary Warner Brisbane), unreleased, excerpts 1974 — 75,5′ 48″

10, Browning Mummery Sydney, cassette only, Can the Eyes of the Dead Retain Pictures, 1983.,6′ 02″

11, Severed Heads Sydney, first LP first post punk computer noise music, Dance, 1980,4′ 22″

12, Ian Hartley Sydney, unreleased, Train Je Taime, 1981,3′ 53″

13, Kurt Volentine Sydney, cassette only, Vortex Street, 1983,6′ 04″

CD 2

Track, Artist (city), Source, Title, Year, Duration

2,tch tch tch Melbourne, an EP, nice noise theme, 1979,3′ 28″

6, signals Melbourne, unreleased, illuminator icebreaker (except), 1979,5′ 28″

8, rik Rue Jon Rose Peter Kelly Sydney, fringe benefit CD, eating cabbage, 1978,2′ 00″

10, D -(T) anti-music collective Brisbane, cassette, (T) D — T, 1980, 2′ 42″

14, Ida (Institute of Dronal Anarchy) Melbourne, MeMoMu, unreleased, 1980,2′ 57″

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