anonradio: the next generation

Instructions and News for anon deejays

Hello again, we’ve made the big plunge to Content Management at last. Most of you will know all about blogging so no great mystery. You’ll need to get a WordPress account and then have me enlist you here to get posting.

* If you’re mailing me CDs to have them turned into streams you can keep doing that. Of course you can put your own streams on another site and link them.  If you mail to me, I will start an entry for the programme. Then you will need to come in and edit the post to make it more informative.

* Please ask for comments in the shows and come in and answer them. We need to get this boat sailing.

* If you prefer to have a show on another blog which is ‘radio like’ then we can do a link. Please, we are not getting into the ‘download whole albums’ stuff. I am not against it, we just don’t need to get involved.

* I have decided as King Emporer to only make WMA files. Gnash your teeth and then go and install Flip4Mac or VLC. Life is short.

* Don’t forget you have the power to edit and change and do all kinds of things. Use it wisely!

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