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Background Noise: William S Burroughs and John Barry tribute

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this morning William S Burroughs audio recordings from the first record from 1965 Call Me Burroughs on ESP and a CD released in Italy more recently. To mark the release of the new documentary film called William S Burroughs: a man within. Which is screening in January and February internationally including Melbourne and Adelaide. We will also be playing the trailer for the film. Also a promotion for the necks at the basement in Sydney on Wednesday, February 16. The music under the recordings of William S Burroughs will be by Electro Nova from Norway.

Big congratulations to Mike Majkowski,Laura Altman and Sam Pettigrew for the superb organisation of the Now Now Festival.And all the great musicians.

 Track listing
CD 1 Call Me Burroughs from 1965
track excerpts (timings from track start unless noted otherwise)

Track,Title, Duration

4, Thing Police Keep All Boardroom Reports,1′ 25″

5, Mr Bradley Mr Martin Hear Us through the hole In the Air,4′ 16″

Excerpts from

1, Meeting of International Conference of Technological Psychiatry,3′

2, Bradley the Buyer,1′ 42″

6, Where You Belong (rewrite),1′ 24″

7, Inflexible Authority,1′ 12″

8, Uranian Willy,1′ 00″

CD 2

The Instrument of Control on Archivio Letterario label,2008
A Selection of tracks all untitled

Background Noise: 2011 Now Now Festival preview with Mike Majkowski

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this morning our annual now now festival preview, the festival celebrating all forms of exploratory music expression with one of the festival organisers improvising double bassist Mike Majkowski.Welcome back to background noise Mike.We will be interspersing music by festival artists with probing questins about the festival.
Music played: various tracks from the 2011 now now festival preview CD

Background Noise: 2010 review of alternative music and the arts

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this morning 2010 in review in music and the arts, as well as the annual list of those who have left us in the arts but will not be forgotten.

CDs in release order.Lists are not definitive,only what I encountered.Promos from some of our special guests throughout the the year.

Lists 1 films and DVDs

Mike Majkowski promo track one

Artist, Title, Label, Track Number, Duration

1.,Height/Dismay, mother’s footsteps(never released?) Ascension,cd3-12, 1981?3’12”

,Ya Ya Choral, “No Control”, cd4,3 (2’.16”),prev. unreleased

, Terrace Industry (M squared history 1980 – 83),

2, Mike Majkowski  first solo CD Ink on paper, 2, foam and straw,3′ 12″

3, German experimental rock and electronic music from 1972 to 19839,Conrad Schnitzler,Auf Dem Schwarzen Canal,soul jazz, 9,1980,3’12”X

4. experimental soundtracks of Arthur and Corinne Cantrill from 1963 to 2009, chromatic mysteries, shame file music CD , 2,Petunias,1996,3′ 50″

Liz Parkinson promo track two
Lists 2 television

5. Henry Jacobs,Around the world with Henry Jacobs,Important Records, 17, get a tape recorder,0′ 21″,18, donutty world,1′ 30″,19, secret of the sounds,0′ 54″

6. a cloakroom assembly,Territory+Population,Endgame Records, 3,Beltane Jzzzz,4’51” (Michael tee promo track 12)

7. People like Us from the UK and Wobbly from the USA, Music for the Fire, UK label illegal Art, 15, Bad News,3’33”

Geoffrey Barnard promo track three

Lists 3 exhibitions and books
8. Cosey Fanni Tutti (from Throbbing Gristle) and French sound artist Philippe Petite-7” picture disc,Side A — mist while sleeping,dirter productions,4’30” approx.

9. Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music volume 2 1974 – 1983 on shame file music, CD 1, 12, Ian Hartley Sydney, unreleased, Train Je Taime, 1981,3′ 53″

10. Scattered order, adjust the terminology, rather be vinyl/klanggallarie, 5, oil and plank,4′ 01″,

Clinton Green promo track four
Lists 4 performances/events

11. Chris Abrahams (solo CD), Play Scar on the room 40 , jelly crown,6′ 35″

12. PÍVIXKI (anthony pateras and max kohane) , Gravissima,4, a shrewd manipulation of the facts,3′ 34″

13.various, anthology of noise and electronic music sixth a chronology, sub rosa,8, Tzvi Avni,vocalise,5’21”X

Anthony pateras promo

Lists RIP




radio-Johnn Cage month on background noise with Geoffrey Barnard who gave so much of himself,Sydney Shuffle-Lou Reed/Hal Wilner


Things to look out for in 2011-Boardwalk Empire American TV seriesCome fly with me british comedy series

A few things which I omitted from the 2010 review program. The beautiful performance night at megaphon studios for the launch of the first CD by A Cloakroom Assembly with Shane Fahey,A Slow Rip,A Cloakroom Assembly,Pimmon and Gail Priest

, The Gail Priest CD fear of Stranglers and the book of 100 greatest loony tunes cartoons edited by Jerry Beck.

Next Program 2011 now now festival preview with Mike Majkowski

Background Noise: Anthology Of Noise And Electronic Music Sixth A Chronology

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this morning the anthology noise and electronic music sixth a chronology. Another outstanding collection of challenging sounds from around the world on the sub rosa label from Belgium. This will be the second last in the intended series of seven. They have all been absolutely outstanding compilations, beautifully packaged and with comprehensive notes. Covering the years 1957 to 2010. Many of the anthologies have been in the top five compilations of the year in the wire review of the year and several have been number one.

CD 1

track, artist, country, title, year, duration

1,3,5,6, 11, 12

1, Israel Martinez, composer and sound artist from Mexico, Mi Vida, 2007,6′ 59″

3, Joseph Nechvatal, sound artist born in Germany lives and works between Tehran and San Francisco, Ego Masher, 1983,7′ 05″

5, Henry Cowell, USA, pioneering musical avant-gardist, The Banshee, 1925/1957,2′ 23″

6, Dick Raaymakers, Holland, Pioneer of electronic and tape music, Piano Forte, 1959/1960,4′ 55″

12, Torturing Nurse, Shanghai, Yes or No (heavily influenced by Japanese noise, 2010,4′ 49″


1,z’ev, composer, performer and percussionist, originally from Los Angeles lives and works in London and Los Angeles, 12 November 1980,Melkweg Amsterdam-prev. unrel.,7’33”

4,the pain barrier,Leipzig Germany,The Pain Barrier Virus, 2003, 5’33”

8, Tzvi Avni, composer, born in Germany lives and works in Tel Aviv Israel, vocalise, 1964, realised at the Columbia Princeton Electronic music centre and Tel Aviv, 5′ 21″?

9, Else Marie Pade composer, Denmark lives and works in Copenhagen, Syv Cirkler (seven circles) the first electronic music piece to be performed in Denmark in 1959 created in 1958,      7′ 06″

10, John Duncan artist, composer and performer, originally from Kansas lives in Bulgaria and Italy, the Nazca Transmission #2 (electronic manipulation of environmental sounds), 2005,8′ 13″

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Background Noise: Chris Abrahams and Anthony Pateras in conversation about their recent music releases

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this morning the recent work of two really fine Australian exploratory music musicians. Recent releases by keyboardist/electronic sound artist Chris Abrahams (solo CD) and the collaborative project of multidisciplinary musician Anthony Pateras. Chris Abrahams CD is called Play Scar on the room 40 label from Brisbane and Anthony is one half of PÍVIXKI;with drummer Max Kohane and their incredible high energy sonic excursion is called Gravissima. There will be interviews with each about the CDs. Both have been previous background noise guests.


CD 1 Play Scar by Chris Abrahams

Track, Title, Duration


1, there he reclined,8′ 01″

3, twig blown,3′ 44″

6, bird and wasps, 11′ 18″


CD2 Gravissima by PIVIXKI

Track, Title, Duration

1,flail 28″

2, Konx,2′ 11″

3, Gravissima,3′ 35″


6, Delirious Heave,3′ 21″ (delicate opening and beautiful looping)

9, Fools/Fanatics,2′ 28″ (a real collaborative freedom)

10, Repeaters,3′ 47″ (really very musical)

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Background Noise: Scattered Order the new CD adjust the terminology with Michael Tee and Mitch Jones

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the link is here

this morning the most frequent background noise guests, Michael Tee and Mitch Jones, the builders labourers of the avant-garde, scattered order founding members and founders of M squared the flagship of the Sydney post punk scene from 1979 to 83 they return to guide us through a journey into their new CD called adjust the terminology. This is a further exploratory music development in noise, tone and texture.

First bracket:

Track, Title, Duration

1, eat at Joe’s Vs why,5′ 30″ and almost a brutal opening and quite aggressive with a nice female spoken sample, like an explosion of energy.

2, Ruined by Me,6′ 37″, completely opposite side of your music, carefully sculpted sounds, very filmic.


Second bracket:

3, viral rhythm,6′ 29″

5, oil and plank,4′ 01″, some stark samples from B grade film and very colourful guitar

6, I want to be in a castle,4′ 54″ film dialogue (I want to be in a castle) interesting use of percussion, very dramatic almost processional.

third bracket:

7, Rotten  Burroughs,7′ 49″, William Burroughs seems to have had an impact on so many popular mediums

8, Thunk Tank,7′ 36″, New Zealand pronunciation.

Background Noise:Radio Launch of Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music Volume 2 With Clinton Green

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this morning some important news later but first, the official radio launch of the soon-to-be released Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music volume 2 on shame file music from Melbourne. Clinton Green who runs the label  is our special guest. Giving some special insights into the music and the release. I spoke to Clinton a few days ago .


CD 1

Track, Artist (city), source, Title, Year, Duration

3, 4, 10, 11, 12, 13

3, The Loop Orchestra from Sydney, unreleased on CD live to air on 2MBS percussion section (excerpt), 1983, first recording,6′ 06

4, Forced Audience (filmmaker Gary Warner Brisbane), unreleased, excerpts 1974 — 75,5′ 48″

10, Browning Mummery Sydney, cassette only, Can the Eyes of the Dead Retain Pictures, 1983.,6′ 02″

11, Severed Heads Sydney, first LP first post punk computer noise music, Dance, 1980,4′ 22″

12, Ian Hartley Sydney, unreleased, Train Je Taime, 1981,3′ 53″

13, Kurt Volentine Sydney, cassette only, Vortex Street, 1983,6′ 04″

CD 2

Track, Artist (city), Source, Title, Year, Duration

2,tch tch tch Melbourne, an EP, nice noise theme, 1979,3′ 28″

6, signals Melbourne, unreleased, illuminator icebreaker (except), 1979,5′ 28″

8, rik Rue Jon Rose Peter Kelly Sydney, fringe benefit CD, eating cabbage, 1978,2′ 00″

10, D -(T) anti-music collective Brisbane, cassette, (T) D — T, 1980, 2′ 42″

14, Ida (Institute of Dronal Anarchy) Melbourne, MeMoMu, unreleased, 1980,2′ 57″

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Background Noise: Samplemania, Two Very Different Uses Of Samples

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this morning sample mania. Two very different uses of sampling. The caretaker from England from 2008 with ghostly echoes from a bygone era and the recently released collaboration of People like Us from the UK and wobbly from the USA, plunderphonics music for the fire.

To begin with the brand-new very limited-edition (350 copies worldwide) 7 inch picture disc, collaboration between Cosey Fanni Tutti (from Throbbing Gristle) beautiful vocals and French sound artist Philippe Petite. Side A — mist while sleeping followed by Side B — Invisible Whispers. Released on vinyl to give a warmer sound. DIRTER productions label.

CD 1 People like Us And Wobbly, Music for the Fire

A Collection of warm and mellow mood settings released on UK label illegal Art.

Quintessential audio collage and montage of mood music and cheesy spoken word.

Track, Title, Duration


2, Naked Little Girl,4’52”

3, Sheep Laid out to Dry,1’05”

4, Partners,2’48”

5, Okay,0’54”

6, Giant Love Ball,3’02”

8, Woman,4’25”

11, Everyone Alone,1’03”

12, Hello,0’48”

13, A New Baby,1’57”

15, Bad News,3’33”

CD 2 The Caretaker,Persistant Repitition Of Phrases 2008 released by installsound

VVM’s James Kirby’s work as The Caretaker has always dealt with the suggestion of haunted memory and the obscuring of temporal motion, and this album makes that more explicit than ever, with titles that reference amnesia, Alzheimer’s, past life regression and other such memory misfires and short circuits. Crackle and the ghostly samples (sometimes slowed down) from old records from the 20s and 30s . with faded pianos or big band sounds . Old ballroom music looped up.Haunting. A very different use of sampling.

Track, Title, Duration


1, Lacumar Amnesia,3′ 29″

3, Rosy Retrospection,5′ 05″

4, Long-Term (remote),4′ 19″

5, Poor Enunciation,5′ 05″

7, False Memory Syndrome,3′ 55″

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Background Noise: Daphne Oram pioneering electronic music composer

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 we emerge from the rich world of John Cage. Daphne Oram (31 December 1925 – 5 January 2003) was a pioneering British composer and electronic musician. She was the creator of the “Oramics” (drawn sound) technique, a technique used to create electronic sounds. She was a pioneer of musique concrete and attended the RTF studio in Paris. She petitioned for an electronic music studio at the BBC and in 1958 co-founded the BBC radiophonic workshop with Desmond Briscoe. She was the first manager of the workshop which famously created the themes and sound for many radio features and dramas including Doctor Who. Her music was used to accompany sculpture displays, exhibitions, radio plays, radio and television advertisements,  films, plays and ballet. This morning a double CD featuring a broad range of her post-BBC recordings never released on CD before. It was released in 2007 on the paradigm label in the UK titled Oramics.


Track, title, source, year, duration

1, introduction, introduction to a demo tape sent out to potential clients, 1965?,3′ 33″

2, power tools, advertisement, 1965,0′ 48″

4, in a jazz style, no information,,0′ 42″

7, Lego builds it, advertisement, TV commercial, 1966,1′ 01″

9, intertel, TV soundtrack piece, 1966,1′ 23″

11, look at Oramics, probably for an episode of look at life featuring Daphne Oram and Oramics,,0′ 43″

12, rotolock, made for Rayant Films, 1967,1′ 31″ (bracket one)

13, purple dust, music for the play, 1962,6′ 50″

14, high-speed flight, made for Shell films, 1959,0′ 54″

15, studio experiment number one, first of five tryouts, undated,1′ 53″

19, Adwick high school number two (training them young in tape loops),,,2′ 22″

20, tumblewash, TV commercial for an English Electric washing machine, 1962,2′ 04″

Daphne Oram Was a highly intelligent, articulate and original musician, writer, composer and sound engineer. And was one of the leading players in the development of electronic music in Britain.


Track, title, source, year, duration

1, Rockets in Ursa Major (except one), incidental music for a play by Prof Fred Hoyle, 1962,4′ 54″

2, Food Preservation, one of several versions of this piece, 1964,3′ 20″

5, Episode Metallic, electronic tape with lighting control to accompany a mobile sculpture, 1965,5′ 28″

7, Adwick High School number three,1′ 35″ (bracket three)

8, Fanfare of Graphs, an early Oramics drawn sound experiment, 1968, 0′ 57″

12, Incidental Music For Invasion (excepts), 1958, music for a play by Adanov at the Edinburgh Festival,5′ 04″

16, Missile Away, excerpt from soundtrack, 1963,2′ 06″

18, Adwick High School number 4, the youngest ever tape loop makers,2′ 17″

21, conclusion, end of the demo tape,0′ 11″ (final bracket)

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Background Noise: John Cage month part one with Geoffrey Barnard

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Richard Fielding and  John Blades back for a very special morning. John Cage was the most important composer and conceptualist of the 20th-century. This morning we are very privileged to be taken on a guided journey into and through the world of John Cage with Australian Improvising Music Pioneer Geoffrey Barnard Who Knew John Cage Well and stayed in his New York apartment on a number of occasions. Welcome Geoffrey to background noise and the first part of our John Cage month. Through anecdotes and rare insights we will gain a personal perspective of the great John cage that you will not read about in books including some quotes. There is plenty of basic biographical information On John Cage on the Internet which we will not be covering. Geoffrey has carefully chosen music for each of the programs from his own collection of the music of John Cage. This morning the early years of the 1940s and 50s.
Tracks played


First bracket

Track title, year, source, duration

Imaginary Landscape No 2 , April 1942, Hat Hut Records, Switzerland:, 6’24”
Radio Music , May 1956, Cramps Records, Italy:, 6’02”                                                                        

Second bracket                                                        

 Solo for Sliding Trombone , 1957-58 + Fontana Mix , Nov 1958, Etcetera Records, Netherlands:, 16′ 52″

Third bracket                                                                  

Fontana Mix – Feed , 1958/1965, Alga Marghen, Italy: 10′ 08″

  Version recorded in December 1965 at WDR Studios, Cologne

Max Neuhaus, live electronics

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