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Background Noise: 2009 review in music and the arts

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on January 19, 2010

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Richard Fielding and  John Blades return for our annual review of the year in music and the arts. It has been a very rich year culturally, the biggest year for outsider art and a wealth of Australian exploratry music releases on CD and vinyl and incredible compilations. Tinged with some very sad passings. We will intersperse my top music releases for the year with lists of other releases and the events of the year. The music you hear this morning will be my selections from the releases from this year approximately in the order in which they were released.  Also, program promos from some of our local and international guests during the year. There are a number of releases from this year, 2009 which we will be playing in the year as we did not get around to playing them this year.
 LISTS 1 and 2, DVD’s and books (1′ 15″)

Artist, Title, Label, Track, Title, Duration

1.various, pardon me for barging in like this -M squared box, vinyl on demand, release of the year, scattered order (label founders Mitch Jones and Michael tee) record 1 (waiting for you to come home) side 1, track 4 , “Untitled”, 3′ 12″

record 5 compilation (your company’s logo here) side 1, track 2, Height dismay, dusk,1′ 53″

2.Rauschgold: Alec Empire, Alec Empire plays staubgold, staubgold, 10,faust,a seventies event,2’ 17”,

3.various, BAKU: SYMPHONY OF SIRENS SOUND EXPERI.MENTS IN THE SOVET AVANT GARDE – ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS AND RECONSTRUCTIONS of 74 KEY WORKS of MUSIC, POETRY and AGITPROP from the RUSSIAN AVANT GARDE 1908-1942,rer megacorp, -cd/book release of the year, exquisite, CD 1, , 8,laboratory of hearing,Dziga Vertov, 1916,34″
9,dziga vertov filmmaker,1916,1’ 18”, created phonogramsusing the phonograph discs. 

16,overture,igor severyanin,1915,1’32”, ego futurist – new rhythm in poetry and a new orchestration of sounds.
21,the family of vowels laughing, David Burliuk,1915,57”, father of Russian futurism

22,Finland,Elena guro,1913,1’14”12’30”

promo 1, LISTS 3, performances and events (4′)

4.Laurie Scott Baker,gracility, musicnow, CD 1, 12,pibroch the call,3′ 27″, Evan Parker  

5.Germ (Clare Cooper and Chris Abrahams), germ studies, splitrec, CD 1, 9,eating own shoulder,1’ 32”,94,full metal guzheng,2’ 01” *,

6.Pimmon ,Smudge Another Yesterday, Preservation,1, come on join the choir invisible,2′ 41″

4, Don’t Remember,3′ 30″

7.various, Elementality revisited, bases frequencies,, Elementality remix part one, The Loop Orchestra,5′ 12″

promo 2, LISTS 4, Exhibitions (1′ 30″)


Background Noise Tuesday, December 29, 2009 continued

8.Shane Fahey, the slated pines, endgame records, 4, scatter floor for food,4′


9.roil (Chris Abrahams piano, Mike Majkowski double bass, James Naples percussion, meaning, Rufus records,5, lam into,5′ 14″


10.the necks , Silverwater, fish as milk,34’-38’,

11.various, Messthetics #107 — DIY 78 — 81 London three,hyped2death, 15, 49 Americans, Newton’s laws,1′ 11″

12.Gods gift — pathology 1979 — 1984,”, 6, the strong and the weak,3′ 50″,

Promo 3, list five, movies and television (2′) (lists reading –8′ 45″)

RIP, slipped away but not forgotten

musical tribute to Nick Waterlow, The Loop Orchestra, Anthony Mannix and Dr Gareth Jenkins, excerpt from a cerebral odyssey