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Background Noise: recent releases on Raster-Noton from Berlin

Posted in Background Noise by loops on September 23, 2008


this morning three recent releases on the raster noton label from Berlin.  Firstly the surprising sound collaboration between Cosey Fanni Tutti (From Throbbing-Gristle) and the Swedish Russian born electronic sound artist COH (Ivan Pavlov). The CD is called COH Plays Cosey released on March 6 .  The project was initiated by Ivan based on an e-mail discussion between the two of them which covered many subjects including aspects of human vulnerabilities, our perceptions of reactions to situations, the creative force within us, and the influences of culture and gender. The tracks are made entirely of voice recordings (a voice diary) by Cosey Fanni Tutti based on these discussions which were edited and manipulated by Ivan over a period of about 18 months. Later this year Cosey hopes to begin work on the follow-up sister album COSEY PLAYS COH.

Track, Title, Duration

2, crazy,5′ 58″

8, inside,4′ 58″

9, lying,5’34”                                              

CD 2 is bytone (Olaf Bender) the music of ,death of a typographer’ carries the special sound of raster-noton – but it is different: the tracks act as focal points, as elegy of an latently flowing stream, a stream that still moves on even when the music has long faded away.Olaf bender who runs raster noton with Carsten Nicolai is also responsible for the exquisite graphic design and the new clean crisp clinical white colour scheme.

1, into bios (intro),0′ 48″

6, capture this (I),3′ 18″

7, capture this (II),4′ 40″

9, heart,7′ 45″

CD3 the most recent, Alva-Noto,Unitxt the title unitxt could be read as

– unit extended referring to a unit of a rhythmic grid

– or universal text referring to a universal language, e.g. mathematics: units, constants, measurements, prefix-, SI system of units

and is represented in spoken word and by codes in sound itself. It Is Named after the Japanese club in Tokyo called unit were Alva-Noto performed in 2006 and 2007.

1,2,5,7, 12, 18, 20

1, u_07,7′ 57″

5, u_08-1,3′ 12″

7, u_08,5′ 36″

12, 60308_47,0′ 13″

18,excel,1′ 06″

20,word,1′ 40″

26,spray 16x9a,1′ 07″