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Background Noise: Boyd Rice Feature

Posted in Background Noise by Ellard on December 21, 2007

With a new limited edition spoken word recording. Broadcast on 18/12/07 and the sound is here.

Good Morning, this morning a feature on the American underground luminary Boyd Rice. Under his performance title of non he was a pioneer of experimental noise music using found equipment and machines and sounds. He was at the forefront of industrial culture of the late 1970s. We will be playing his early experimental recordings and locked grooves as Boyd Rice and Non from 1977 to 1987 from the original vinyl records . These will be interspersed with pieces from the brand-new and very limited edition (150 copies) CD of spoken word recordings which accompanies the limited edition of the first comprehensive book about Boyd Rice, Standing in Two Circles. Edited by Brian M Clarke, Published by creation books. Boyd Rice holds very strong views about the world and humanity. Please be warned.We Started with a locked groove from the 1977 single sided 7 inch locked groove record pagan muzak which you will hear interspersed throughout the program under the readings , locked grooves created mainly from found street sounds.

NeXT The Black Album By Boyd Rice released in 1978 and rereleased in 1981 on mute records. He Made This Record specifically so that he would have a record he could listen to. Two tracks, selections: (more from this record under the readings throughout the morning)

spoken word tracks 1, 2

And now the 7 inch of non and smegma from 1980 on mute records: soundtrack #3,4 from the non side:

Soundtrack #3, #4spoken word : tracks 3,4Next the Beautiful 12 Inch Single (45 RPM) Rise released on mute records in 1982, RiseB-side track 2, Romance Fatal De Un Autospoken word: tracks 5,6Rice has worked in an array of capacities, playing the roles of: musician, performer, artist, photographer, essayist, interviewer, editor, occult researcher, filmmaker, actor, orator, deejay, gallery curator and tiki bar designer, among others.Also Released in 1982 on mute records was the non record physical evidence which is live recordings from Europe and America. We will hear two tracks:Side 1 –2 Going Going Gone, Side 2 –2 That That’sspoken word 7,9In 1984 mute records released a collaborative LP of Boyd Rice and the late Frank Tovey (Fad Gadget ) entitled Easy Listening for The Hard of Hearing. Recorded in 1981 and all sounds were either collected or generated in the studio by nonmusical appliances. Boyd rice himself told me that it was a true collaboration with many of themthe noise sounds produced by Frank Tovey. They Are Each credited with rhythm and noise.Side 1 – 1,2 Extraction 1,2 spoken word: tracks 10, 12, 13Blood and Flame by Non was released on mute records in 1987. We will hear two beautiful quiet ambient noise pieces before a final word From Boyd Rice.Side 1 –3,4 Sunset, a taste of bloodspoken word: tracks 14, 15final words on Boyd rice: His work continues to profoundly affect the countercultural underground at large, inspiring and enraging in equal measure.A couple of quotes about Boyd rice:“Boyd Rice is a black pimp.” Charles Manson, “Boyd is an iconoclast!”–Anton LaVey, church of SatanReadings included (not in order): People/The End Of The World/Bring In The Night/Pack 44 (Fuck Fuck, Kill Kill)/Assume The Position/A World On Fire/The Reign Song/2.Never/5 .Love Will Change The World/Deletion/Rape*/ 3 . Have A Nice Day*/1.Whatever Happened To Quiet Desperation?*/Television: The Great Healer*/Goosey Goosey Gander*/Two Little Blackbirds*/Ladybird*/Bandy Legs*/Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

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