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Background Noise: The Sydney DIY/post punk cassette scene 1979 to 1983

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this morning a special preview of the Sydney post punk tribute performance event called Wiltshire Street Noise (Wiltshire Street Surry Hills being the location of the pivotal M squared studio) on Sunday, January 17 from 5 PM to 10:30 PM at the Sandringham Hotel Hotel upstairs, in Newtown. Background Noise and the dust Museum following will present a joint foray into the Sydney DIY/post punk cassette scene (very limited editions) from 1979 to 1983. Nearly all of the music will come from the archives of Richard who was the founder of Severed Heads. And he used to co-present the cassette show on this very radio station at the time. It was a very vibrant period musically with the energy of punk but injected with a whole variety of new musical ideas and experimentation. Many recordings were done in bedrooms on four track reel to reel tape recorders and cheap cassette recorders. As you will know from past programs post punk was a worldwide phenomenon. This morning you’ll hear from groups such as M squared groups, The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast and the farewell concert of The Systematics also, Great White Noise, negative reaction, no-v-bleet , mice against God (with the Godfather of the Sydney underground at the time and former MBS contemporary music pioneer, Ian Hartley), Hiroshima chair and the wet taxis. It’s over to you Richard.

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two of M squared cassettes, 100 copies only

boxed brownies (M squared groups recorded live on a cassette player), the makers of the dead travel fast (who have reformed with original members and will be playing at Wiltshire Street noise), promenade promenade and funny timing, the Neapolitan man inhales water, 1981 at brownies upstairs at the old Paddington Green the home of M squared nights

stall (the farewell performance of the Systematics at the trade union club in Sydney),, New Year’s Day 1982. MC was someone familiar, 28 years ago, in a career from my 21st on December 13, 1980 until New Year’s Day 1982 the Systematics did 40 live performances playing with other M squared and post punkĀ  bands, laughing clowns and even supporting the cure. All over Sydney and Wollongong and Newcastle.

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