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Background Noise: 2010 review of alternative music and the arts

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on January 10, 2011
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this morning 2010 in review in music and the arts, as well as the annual list of those who have left us in the arts but will not be forgotten.

CDs in release order.Lists are not definitive,only what I encountered.Promos from some of our special guests throughout the the year.

Lists 1 films and DVDs

Mike Majkowski promo track one

Artist, Title, Label, Track Number, Duration

1.,Height/Dismay, mother’s footsteps(never released?) Ascension,cd3-12, 1981?3’12”

,Ya Ya Choral, “No Control”, cd4,3 (2’.16”),prev. unreleased

, Terrace Industry (M squared history 1980 – 83),

2, Mike Majkowski  first solo CD Ink on paper, 2, foam and straw,3′ 12″

3, German experimental rock and electronic music from 1972 to 19839,Conrad Schnitzler,Auf Dem Schwarzen Canal,soul jazz, 9,1980,3’12”X

4. experimental soundtracks of Arthur and Corinne Cantrill from 1963 to 2009, chromatic mysteries, shame file music CD , 2,Petunias,1996,3′ 50″

Liz Parkinson promo track two
Lists 2 television

5. Henry Jacobs,Around the world with Henry Jacobs,Important Records, 17, get a tape recorder,0′ 21″,18, donutty world,1′ 30″,19, secret of the sounds,0′ 54″

6. a cloakroom assembly,Territory+Population,Endgame Records, 3,Beltane Jzzzz,4’51” (Michael tee promo track 12)

7. People like Us from the UK and Wobbly from the USA, Music for the Fire, UK label illegal Art, 15, Bad News,3’33”

Geoffrey Barnard promo track three

Lists 3 exhibitions and books
8. Cosey Fanni Tutti (from Throbbing Gristle) and French sound artist Philippe Petite-7” picture disc,Side A — mist while sleeping,dirter productions,4’30” approx.

9. Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music volume 2 1974 – 1983 on shame file music, CD 1, 12, Ian Hartley Sydney, unreleased, Train Je Taime, 1981,3′ 53″

10. Scattered order, adjust the terminology, rather be vinyl/klanggallarie, 5, oil and plank,4′ 01″,

Clinton Green promo track four
Lists 4 performances/events

11. Chris Abrahams (solo CD), Play Scar on the room 40 , jelly crown,6′ 35″

12. PÍVIXKI (anthony pateras and max kohane) , Gravissima,4, a shrewd manipulation of the facts,3′ 34″

13.various, anthology of noise and electronic music sixth a chronology, sub rosa,8, Tzvi Avni,vocalise,5’21”X

Anthony pateras promo

Lists RIP




radio-Johnn Cage month on background noise with Geoffrey Barnard who gave so much of himself,Sydney Shuffle-Lou Reed/Hal Wilner


Things to look out for in 2011-Boardwalk Empire American TV seriesCome fly with me british comedy series

A few things which I omitted from the 2010 review program. The beautiful performance night at megaphon studios for the launch of the first CD by A Cloakroom Assembly with Shane Fahey,A Slow Rip,A Cloakroom Assembly,Pimmon and Gail Priest

, The Gail Priest CD fear of Stranglers and the book of 100 greatest loony tunes cartoons edited by Jerry Beck.

Next Program 2011 now now festival preview with Mike Majkowski