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Background Noise: Recent German experimental electronic music releases

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on April 9, 2010

The link is here

this morning recent European electronic music releases:

the number one electronica CD from last year in the wire magazine ┬áby German minimal electronic sound artist alva noto (Carsten Nicolai from Berlin) and Japanese composer and musician, ruichi sakamoto playing piano and experimental electronics released on the raster noton from Berlin, CD and DVD of a live collaborative performance.It is a synergetic mixture of electronic and natural sounds that is expanded by the potential of the classical instruments of Ensemble Modern including violas, cellos, bases, flutes and various percussion. Utp_, the title of the new composition is deduced from the term “utopia,” and hence describes an approach that leaves space for further extensive associations . Also, German sound artist Marc Behrens compilation works 1996 — 2005 released as a download in 2009. Two German electronic sound artists, two totally different release formats.

Firstly, ruichi sakamoto and alva noto with ensemble modern



2, grains,6′ 24″

3, particle one,6′ 40″

7, silence,6′ 51″

9, broken line 2,6′ 26″

now marc Behrens, compilation works 1996 — 2005

His works mainly consist of concrete electronic music, installations, the occasional photograph or video. Recent activities include field recording trips to remote western China and the Amazon rainforest. This release is on the cronica media label based in Porto Portugal.

track, title, duration


15,quersumme rlw, 11′ 17″

16, Revelation,7′ 10″

? 18, that which is the,6′ 49″

19, real player f***ed my Netscape settings,1′