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Background Noise: New Label Spectrum Spools First Releases

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Two Brand-New first releases on the new label which is a meeting of Editions Mego from Austria and John Elliott from the group Emaralds. The label is called Spectrum Spools. The first release an LP record a sort of radiance by Fabric. A multidimensional work in which you can really submerge yourself. Fabric is the work of Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist Matthew Mullane.

Side , track number, title, duration

A,1,Orangeand Red,1′ approximately

“,2, Leaving the House,6′ approximately

“,4, camera,4′ approximately

B,1, containers,1′ approximately

“,2, light float,7′ 30” approximately

“,4, soft disconnect,4′ 50” approximately



The second release on the new label spectrum spools is by Bee Mask edited and mixed in Cleveland and Philadelphia. An electronic work of great beauty incorporating piano, voice, percussion and tape on par with the classics of experimental and electronic music, carefully and meticulously composed. Bee Mask’s Canzoni dal Laboratorio del Silenzio Cosmico. Real name Chris Madak, Bee Mask has been releasing a ton of music since the early noughties; this album is a vinyl edition of a limited cassette which came out on Gift Tapes last year. Both releases beautiful limited-edition records (500) with exquisite cover design. Thank you to Peter Rehburg for supplying us with these glorious releases which can be obtained through the website

Side, track number, title, duration

A, untitled, 12′ 50″ approximately

B,”, 15′ 10″

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Background Noise: Tony Barrell tribute and Thomas Koner feature

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The link is here

this morning’s program is dedicated to the memory of Tony Barrell, a beautiful human being and a wonderful radio producer, program maker and broadcaster. He was a pioneer of the groundbreaking and possibly greatest ever radio station 2 JJ which went to air in 1975 on the ABC. Who can forget him playing San Francisco avant-gardeists the residents on the breakfast show. Since then he has created some of the finest radiophonic feature programs for the ABC radio National such as the real Far East. He passed away suddenly and peacefully on Wednesday night March 30 at the age of 70. This morning’s program is full of music which could really be a soundtrack for his life. And to accompany quiet contemplation of him who was larger than life. He was a great inspiration for myself and many others who have followed his journey in radio. He was the living embodiment of radio. And will be sorely missed as he is being already. We will never forget, his legacy will live forever. Thank you Tony. This is for you. Constantinople by the residents from 1978 from the duck stab EP.


A couple of passings in the world of experimental music in the early part of this year. Milton Babbit was a pioneering electroacoustic and music concrete composer. He worked at the Columbia Princeton university’s electronic music studios  in Manhattan (America’s first electronic music studio). And was also a teacher and theorist . He passed away at the age of 94 on January 31 . His meticulously constructed electronic music assemblages were fine and detailed as exemplified by this piece Philomel from 1964.

Early gurus of electronic music, CD 1 track 15. (4′ 57″)

Rolf Julius was a visual and sound artist from Germany . He passed away aged 72 on January 21

Here Is a sound piece called Black (inside) released on a flexi disk in the April issue of the wire magazine. (3′ 30″).

This morning minimal electronic soundscapes that we can immerse ourselves in by the German electronic sound artist Thomas Koner. From the reissue of his first three releases remastered and released as a beautiful triple CD in 2010   on type recordings. Slow, dark electronic music compositions for alien worlds almost with no human life.

CD1  first release Numatak Gongamur 1990


3, untitled,4′ 29″

6,”,3′ 30″

7,”,4′ 58″

CD 2 Teimo 1992

2, Andenes, 10′ 06″

3, Teimo,5′ 14″

CD 3 Permafrost 1993

4, permafrost, 10′ 09″

5, meta incognita,7′ 03″

Background Noise: Anthology Of Noise And Electronic Music Sixth A Chronology

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The link is here

this morning the anthology noise and electronic music sixth a chronology. Another outstanding collection of challenging sounds from around the world on the sub rosa label from Belgium. This will be the second last in the intended series of seven. They have all been absolutely outstanding compilations, beautifully packaged and with comprehensive notes. Covering the years 1957 to 2010. Many of the anthologies have been in the top five compilations of the year in the wire review of the year and several have been number one.

CD 1

track, artist, country, title, year, duration

1,3,5,6, 11, 12

1, Israel Martinez, composer and sound artist from Mexico, Mi Vida, 2007,6′ 59″

3, Joseph Nechvatal, sound artist born in Germany lives and works between Tehran and San Francisco, Ego Masher, 1983,7′ 05″

5, Henry Cowell, USA, pioneering musical avant-gardist, The Banshee, 1925/1957,2′ 23″

6, Dick Raaymakers, Holland, Pioneer of electronic and tape music, Piano Forte, 1959/1960,4′ 55″

12, Torturing Nurse, Shanghai, Yes or No (heavily influenced by Japanese noise, 2010,4′ 49″


1,z’ev, composer, performer and percussionist, originally from Los Angeles lives and works in London and Los Angeles, 12 November 1980,Melkweg Amsterdam-prev. unrel.,7’33”

4,the pain barrier,Leipzig Germany,The Pain Barrier Virus, 2003, 5’33”

8, Tzvi Avni, composer, born in Germany lives and works in Tel Aviv Israel, vocalise, 1964, realised at the Columbia Princeton Electronic music centre and Tel Aviv, 5′ 21″?

9, Else Marie Pade composer, Denmark lives and works in Copenhagen, Syv Cirkler (seven circles) the first electronic music piece to be performed in Denmark in 1959 created in 1958,      7′ 06″

10, John Duncan artist, composer and performer, originally from Kansas lives in Bulgaria and Italy, the Nazca Transmission #2 (electronic manipulation of environmental sounds), 2005,8′ 13″

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Background Noise: Chris Abrahams and Anthony Pateras in conversation about their recent music releases

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this morning the recent work of two really fine Australian exploratory music musicians. Recent releases by keyboardist/electronic sound artist Chris Abrahams (solo CD) and the collaborative project of multidisciplinary musician Anthony Pateras. Chris Abrahams CD is called Play Scar on the room 40 label from Brisbane and Anthony is one half of PÍVIXKI;with drummer Max Kohane and their incredible high energy sonic excursion is called Gravissima. There will be interviews with each about the CDs. Both have been previous background noise guests.


CD 1 Play Scar by Chris Abrahams

Track, Title, Duration


1, there he reclined,8′ 01″

3, twig blown,3′ 44″

6, bird and wasps, 11′ 18″


CD2 Gravissima by PIVIXKI

Track, Title, Duration

1,flail 28″

2, Konx,2′ 11″

3, Gravissima,3′ 35″


6, Delirious Heave,3′ 21″ (delicate opening and beautiful looping)

9, Fools/Fanatics,2′ 28″ (a real collaborative freedom)

10, Repeaters,3′ 47″ (really very musical)

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Background Noise:Radio Launch of Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music Volume 2 With Clinton Green

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the link is here

this morning some important news later but first, the official radio launch of the soon-to-be released Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music volume 2 on shame file music from Melbourne. Clinton Green who runs the label  is our special guest. Giving some special insights into the music and the release. I spoke to Clinton a few days ago .


CD 1

Track, Artist (city), source, Title, Year, Duration

3, 4, 10, 11, 12, 13

3, The Loop Orchestra from Sydney, unreleased on CD live to air on 2MBS percussion section (excerpt), 1983, first recording,6′ 06

4, Forced Audience (filmmaker Gary Warner Brisbane), unreleased, excerpts 1974 — 75,5′ 48″

10, Browning Mummery Sydney, cassette only, Can the Eyes of the Dead Retain Pictures, 1983.,6′ 02″

11, Severed Heads Sydney, first LP first post punk computer noise music, Dance, 1980,4′ 22″

12, Ian Hartley Sydney, unreleased, Train Je Taime, 1981,3′ 53″

13, Kurt Volentine Sydney, cassette only, Vortex Street, 1983,6′ 04″

CD 2

Track, Artist (city), Source, Title, Year, Duration

2,tch tch tch Melbourne, an EP, nice noise theme, 1979,3′ 28″

6, signals Melbourne, unreleased, illuminator icebreaker (except), 1979,5′ 28″

8, rik Rue Jon Rose Peter Kelly Sydney, fringe benefit CD, eating cabbage, 1978,2′ 00″

10, D -(T) anti-music collective Brisbane, cassette, (T) D — T, 1980, 2′ 42″

14, Ida (Institute of Dronal Anarchy) Melbourne, MeMoMu, unreleased, 1980,2′ 57″

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Background Noise: Samplemania, Two Very Different Uses Of Samples

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this morning sample mania. Two very different uses of sampling. The caretaker from England from 2008 with ghostly echoes from a bygone era and the recently released collaboration of People like Us from the UK and wobbly from the USA, plunderphonics music for the fire.

To begin with the brand-new very limited-edition (350 copies worldwide) 7 inch picture disc, collaboration between Cosey Fanni Tutti (from Throbbing Gristle) beautiful vocals and French sound artist Philippe Petite. Side A — mist while sleeping followed by Side B — Invisible Whispers. Released on vinyl to give a warmer sound. DIRTER productions label.

CD 1 People like Us And Wobbly, Music for the Fire

A Collection of warm and mellow mood settings released on UK label illegal Art.

Quintessential audio collage and montage of mood music and cheesy spoken word.

Track, Title, Duration


2, Naked Little Girl,4’52”

3, Sheep Laid out to Dry,1’05”

4, Partners,2’48”

5, Okay,0’54”

6, Giant Love Ball,3’02”

8, Woman,4’25”

11, Everyone Alone,1’03”

12, Hello,0’48”

13, A New Baby,1’57”

15, Bad News,3’33”

CD 2 The Caretaker,Persistant Repitition Of Phrases 2008 released by installsound

VVM’s James Kirby’s work as The Caretaker has always dealt with the suggestion of haunted memory and the obscuring of temporal motion, and this album makes that more explicit than ever, with titles that reference amnesia, Alzheimer’s, past life regression and other such memory misfires and short circuits. Crackle and the ghostly samples (sometimes slowed down) from old records from the 20s and 30s . with faded pianos or big band sounds . Old ballroom music looped up.Haunting. A very different use of sampling.

Track, Title, Duration


1, Lacumar Amnesia,3′ 29″

3, Rosy Retrospection,5′ 05″

4, Long-Term (remote),4′ 19″

5, Poor Enunciation,5′ 05″

7, False Memory Syndrome,3′ 55″

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Background Noise: Daphne Oram pioneering electronic music composer

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 we emerge from the rich world of John Cage. Daphne Oram (31 December 1925 – 5 January 2003) was a pioneering British composer and electronic musician. She was the creator of the “Oramics” (drawn sound) technique, a technique used to create electronic sounds. She was a pioneer of musique concrete and attended the RTF studio in Paris. She petitioned for an electronic music studio at the BBC and in 1958 co-founded the BBC radiophonic workshop with Desmond Briscoe. She was the first manager of the workshop which famously created the themes and sound for many radio features and dramas including Doctor Who. Her music was used to accompany sculpture displays, exhibitions, radio plays, radio and television advertisements,  films, plays and ballet. This morning a double CD featuring a broad range of her post-BBC recordings never released on CD before. It was released in 2007 on the paradigm label in the UK titled Oramics.


Track, title, source, year, duration

1, introduction, introduction to a demo tape sent out to potential clients, 1965?,3′ 33″

2, power tools, advertisement, 1965,0′ 48″

4, in a jazz style, no information,,0′ 42″

7, Lego builds it, advertisement, TV commercial, 1966,1′ 01″

9, intertel, TV soundtrack piece, 1966,1′ 23″

11, look at Oramics, probably for an episode of look at life featuring Daphne Oram and Oramics,,0′ 43″

12, rotolock, made for Rayant Films, 1967,1′ 31″ (bracket one)

13, purple dust, music for the play, 1962,6′ 50″

14, high-speed flight, made for Shell films, 1959,0′ 54″

15, studio experiment number one, first of five tryouts, undated,1′ 53″

19, Adwick high school number two (training them young in tape loops),,,2′ 22″

20, tumblewash, TV commercial for an English Electric washing machine, 1962,2′ 04″

Daphne Oram Was a highly intelligent, articulate and original musician, writer, composer and sound engineer. And was one of the leading players in the development of electronic music in Britain.


Track, title, source, year, duration

1, Rockets in Ursa Major (except one), incidental music for a play by Prof Fred Hoyle, 1962,4′ 54″

2, Food Preservation, one of several versions of this piece, 1964,3′ 20″

5, Episode Metallic, electronic tape with lighting control to accompany a mobile sculpture, 1965,5′ 28″

7, Adwick High School number three,1′ 35″ (bracket three)

8, Fanfare of Graphs, an early Oramics drawn sound experiment, 1968, 0′ 57″

12, Incidental Music For Invasion (excepts), 1958, music for a play by Adanov at the Edinburgh Festival,5′ 04″

16, Missile Away, excerpt from soundtrack, 1963,2′ 06″

18, Adwick High School number 4, the youngest ever tape loop makers,2′ 17″

21, conclusion, end of the demo tape,0′ 11″ (final bracket)

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Background Noise: German experimental rock and electronic music 1972, 1974 and 2009

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, this morning spanning the years of German experimental electronic music from 1972 ,harmonia live  in 1974 and alva noto from last year. Starting with Kraut Rock group agitation free and the  first LP Malesch from 1972. They were one of the greatest exponents of German experimental rock music in the early 70s. A five piece from Berlin they formed in 1967. This album was their response to their Middle Eastern touring experience.

CD 1

Track, Title, Duration

1, you play for us today,6′ 14″

2, Sahara city,7′ 50″

3, Àla Tul,4′ 54″


Another great exponent of Kraut Rock, Harmonia recorded live in Germany in 1974. They formed in early 1973 as a collaboration between Michael Rother of Neu! and Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Möbius of Cluster . As such they were really the Kraut Rock supergroup. Various websites quote Eno as saying that Harmonia was “the world’s most important rock band”. Their music includes the motorik drumming of Neu and the ambience of cluster. Here is a fine pulsing motorik piece.

CD 2

2, veteranissimo, 17′ 25″


CD 3 Xerox 2 from last year by Alva Noto from Berlin, 28 years later than Agitation Free sort of like going round in a loop. Minimal noise scapes. All tracks sample manipulation Xerox. And recorded in Berlin in 2008. Released on the raster noton label. Thanks for the samples is given to Stephen O’Malley, Michael Nyman, Ruichi Sakamoto, Continental airline malfunctioning.

4,Xerox meta phaser,6’23”
6,Xerox,monophaser 1,8’04”
9,Xerox Teion Acat,5’26”

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Background Noise: A Cloakroom Assembly new CD with Michael Tee

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this morning  the new double cd by a cloakroom assembly,Territory+Populatiom (Michael Tee,co-founder of msquared,1/2 of scattered order mk 1and 1/3 of ya ya choral). Michael Tee is our special guest taking us through the music on the new CD and also some unreleased recordings in rehearsal for the recent launch and live in Melbourne in April. Good morning Michael and welcome back to background noise. The new CD is released on Endgame Records ( ).
track, title, duration
unreleased live recording, 1, music from circa 1958 in rehearsal June 11, 2010,9′ 10″

2,Tom Salty,9’59
3,Beltane Jzzzz

unreleased live recording,Another Night in Stanwell Park (live at Loophole in Melbourne April 24, 2010,7′ 23″

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Background Noise: Mike Majkowski interview and feature

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 this morning A very special Program on and interview with the highly accomplished, innovative and colourful local improvising double bassist Mike Majkowski. Good morning Mike welcome to background noise and thank you for coming in. We will be featuring his very recent and first solo CD Ink on paper. And also sharing some insights into his various collaborative projects and playing some unreleased live recordings.
Tracks from the new CD

Track, title, duration

1 (0′ –6′),2,3, 4 (8′ — 18′ fadeout)

1, pizzicato,8′

2, foam and straw,3′ 12″

3, first words dribble,6′ 54″?

4, ink on paper,8′

unreleased live recordings by Roil and Strike

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