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Background Noise: New Work by Australian experimental sound artists, Shane Fahey And A Cloakroom Assembly And Archival recordings by Rik Rue

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The link is here

this morning Three Meticulous Sydney-based sound sculptors. Shane Fahey founding member of the legendary Sydney post punk group The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast is a multidimensional sound artist. His brand new CD on his own label Endgame Records is titled The Slated Pines. And A Cloakroom Assembly, the mysterious Sydney post punk music and experimental sound project of M squared co-founder and one half of the original scattered order Michael Tee, and beautiful new sound explorations.Including Interviews with Michael in Canberra and Shane in New York. And a recently assembled collection of historic sound constructions by the highly respected rik  Rue.

Firstly, the slated Pines by Shane Fahey.I spoke to Shane two days ago From New York.

Track, title, duration

3, get some out time,5′ 52″

4, scatter floor for food,4′ 00″

7, for and against the noise barrier,9′ 33″


A Cloakroom Assembly,new recordings and I spoke to  Michael Tee  about the new recordings from Canberra yesterday.

CD1,internal variations(…HD 189733b)





5, 080208a,5’49”

Finally Rik Rue (a collaborator with Shane Fahey over the years), recent and not so recent sound collage works.

Track, title, duration

2, Stockman one (cut up for future improvisation),1’14” or

6, a fistful of grunts,3′ 22″

9, uncommercial ad hoc (mix three),5′ 59″


A Music Night not to be missed at great  the Abercrombie Hotel on

 HotelHotel at 8 PM on Saturday, November 28 with reformed flagships of the M squared label, scattered order Mark one (with M squared founders Mitch Jones And Michael Tee) and the makers of the dead travel fast and the craftsmen of soundscape, a slow rip and carefully chosendjs .Entry $12 and the performances will be in the beer garden at the rear. Word games galore, the night is called three heads meet messmer and koo koo.


The next background noise will be a very special programme with studio guests Lloyd Swanton and Chris Abrahams from the necks presenting the new CD called Silverwater. As well as some candid necks stories.



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Background Noise: Swedish Text Sound Composition Part One

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The link is here

this morning the first of two parts on Swedish text sound composition courtesy of the Swedish fylkingen label. Released originally between 1960 and and 1977 in conjunction with the Swedish radio.Documentation of the international   text sound composition a Stockholm festival which occurred several times between those years in Stockholm. This is a reissue on five CDs (2005)of the long out of print seven LP records of the recordings. Incredible recordings many of which were realised at the Stockholm Conservatory. Although the festival was international I have chosen to concentrate on the work of the lesser known in Australia, Swedish text sound artists. The Swedish text sound is really like a marriage of text and fragments of language and electroacoustics,intended to free Swedish language. Utilising electronic studio processing of text readings.With Elements of concrete poetry and music. A few historical markers:

Concrete Music was introduced to audiences in Sweden at a fylkingen concert as early as 1952. In the words of one of the important Swedish text sound composers Sten Hanson: Fylkingen was founded in 1933 as a chamber music Society to organise concerts in Stockholm mainly of contemporary music. In the mid-60s Fylkingen was divided into several working groups with different artistic and theoretical roles not solely music .One of which was dedicated to the linguistic arts and was chaired by 30-year-old bengt emil Johnson. The term text-sound composition was coined in 1967 in Sweden by the composers/writers Lars-Gunnar Bodin and Bengt Emil Johnsson

The reason for choosing the term  text sound composition was that it could be neutral in its description. And could cover everything from sound poetry to Stockhausen.It embraced a whole history from Russian(zaum) and Italian Futurism(which freed the word),Dada poetry(such as Hugo Ball and Kurt Schwitters),surrealism and the Fench Lettrism.Also the new electroacoustics and the reel-to-reeltape recorder a la Pierre Schaeffer’s musique concrete.

bengt emil Johnson and Lars Gunnar Bodin worked at the Swedish radio and in 1967 they were sent to a conference on radiophonic art.All the pieces you will hear were recorded at the studios of the EMS(Electronic music)  Stockholm unless stated.

CD 1

Track, Artist, Title, Year, Time

2,Lars Gunnar Bodin,Fom Any Point To Another,8’57”, 1968

(b.1935) has been a central figure in Swedish electroacoustic music since the  1960s.

4,”, Plus,1′ 18″, 1976 start the program with

5,svante bodin, Transition to Majorana Space, 10′ 59″, 1968

(b.1942)is the brother of Lars Gunnar Bodin is a meteorologist and during the 60s and 70s he was a text sound composer using his experience in science as a base for his compositions.

CD 2

Track, Artist, Title, Year, Time

7, Sten Hanson, Che,1′ 24″, 1968

8,”,coucher et souffler,3′ 25″, 1968

9,”, La Destruction de votre code genetique par drogues,toxines et irradation,1′ 47″, 1969

11,”, au 197.0,5′ 43″, 1976

12,”,biopsie restez pas debout,4′ 15″, 1968

(b.1936)has worked in experimental music, literature and performance art since the 1960s.President of Fylkingen 1961-84.

Background Noise Tuesday, October 20, 2009,CONTINUED

CD 3

Track, Artist, Title, Year

8,Bengt Emil Johnson,2/67(Medan),1967

Recorded at the Swedish Radio(b.1936)Started working with text sound composition in 1963 and is one of the first in the field.Pioneer of Swedish text sound composition.
visit to Daniel at Fylkingen.


Firstly, the exhibition opened last night and I spoke to Prof Colin Rhodes a few days ago.The Gallery Is Open Monday to Friday 10 AM to 4:30 PM and midday until 4 PM on Sundays, Anne is visiting from America and will be speaking at the exhibition today, Wednesday from midday to 1 PM phone 9351 6883

Everyone should see the quintessential outsider art exhibition in the first exhibition by Susan King from New Zealand at the Callan Park outsider art Gallery, Sydney College of the arts in Rozelle, open Saturdays 11 AM to 4 PM or by appointment.Until Saturday, October 31.

Next Program CDs Four and Five from This Collection of Swedish Text Sound Composition As Well As Some pioneers of Swedish electronic music.



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Background Noise: New International experimental music compilations

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 the link is here

This morning 2 brand-new international experimental music compilations each a limited edition of 100.We have secured copies for your listening pleasure.Firstly reworkings of the sound source track created from various cuts from the CD Elementality by Anders Peterson from Stockholm on the French label basses frequencies.Including The Loop Orchestra.Anders says the tracks are collaboration tracks or “reworks” using my sound source track, and many have added their own sounds into their tracks.


5,Aidan Baker(from Toronto,Canada), untitled,5′ 04″

6,Rapoon ( Robin Storey formerly from Zoviet France, UK) In Silence (walk away)(,4′ 48″

8,Sarana (Finland),Ne,5′ 15″

10, The Loop Orchestra, Elementality remix part one,5′ 12″

11,Radboud Mens (Amsterdam), First Theory,6′ 05″

Now theLimited-Edition Compilation CD accompanying the limited hardback edition  of the book micro bionic , radical electronic music and sound art in the 21st century published by Creation books in England.  From industrial to noise and more contemporary digital electronic music.  From Europe, America and Japan.

8, Scott Axford, 60 La Scala (previously unreleased) 2009,5′

9, John Duncan, excerpt from Tap Internal 2000, 8′ 51″

10, Merzbow,Anicca Part Three (excerpt) 2008, first 5′

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Background Noise: Laurie Scott Baker interview

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 the link is here

our very special guest for this morning,  is a living legend the pioneering improvising acoustic and electric double bassist and experimental electronic musician, Laurie Scott Baker visiting from England and his life partner Brigid, good morning Laurie and Brigid and thank you so much for coming in .  Laurie was an original member of the legendary British avant-garde collective the scratch Orchestra with Cornelius Cardew (with whom he was very friendly) in 1969 . Born in Sydney, Laurie’s formative musical experience was in improvisation and experimental music, as well as the influences of Folk, Jazz and Contemporary Classical music. As Such He Was a prominent part of the 1960s London improvised music scene.  He Will Be introducing a recent and soon to be released  recording of his improvised music collaborations from 1969 onwards . These Will Be Interspersed throughout our conversation.


start program with track from LIQUID METAL DREAMING  ~3’ then 2 more~5’




Circle Piece  parts three and four tracks 16, 17 ~9’10”


Bass Chants and Cues

1,Jackdaws Ascending,3’01”
3,Baby Binson Sonar,3’09

13,Winged Dove,1’12”



Robert Wyatt singing introduction ~1’

11,Pibroch 1926,2’00”
12,Pibroch the Call,3’29”


 Gracility track

7,747 at keithrowe airport, approx 4′




Background Noise: 2008 in review

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 the link is here

The best of the music brought to you on background noise interspersed with lists of my highlights from the year and a list of some who have gone but will never be forgotten. a snapshot of the year through background noise rather than a definitive list.

The first bracket of music:(3 sets of lists+RIP,13 cds-4 groups )
Track/side,Track Title,Duration
Touch 7 inch series
CD/record 1-Chris Watson ,oceanus pacificus ,first inTouch 7 inch series

sideB,45 rpm,3m,~3’,1’ locked groove

3, 2,Fennesz,Transition,Touch 7 inch series

Side B,45 RPM,on a desolate shore,5’14”

Side b,phillip jeck plays charles matthews,3’24”
4 cd,
Silvia Fässler & Billy Roisz,Skylla,editions mego demand series 01

10,Astra,1′ 39″

5 cd, demand 02 by Gert-Jan Prins: Break Before Make CD

7,Ritmokickcercando,1′ 24″
8,Drnindustriaagitato,2′ 34″

6,cd, Robin Crutchfield, For Our Friends in the Enchanted Other World is released on the American label Hand/Eye

13,dwarfish determination,3′ 05″

7,cd, Jed Speare, SoundWorks 1982 – 1987,family vineyard,cd 1

taboo death, 1982 — 6′ 55″

8 cd, an anthology of noise and electronic music number 5 –fifth a chronology 1920 — 2007 on the sub Rosa label from Belgium.cd1

4, Francois Bernard Mache, prelude, 1959,5′ 29

9, CD,Macel Duchamp, musical erratum and in conversation, LTM

8,musicale erratum,piano part 3 1’17”

 3, A L’Infinitif (in the infinitive),4′ 03″

10, cd,a slow rip,for the time being, endgame label,aus cd of the year


11,record,severed heads,adenoids,viny on demand,lp release of the year with SPK’s document III0 played last show

12,cd,coh plays cosey,raster noton,ivan pavlov and cosey fanny tutti,really brave and fresh

2, crazy,5′ 58″

13,alva noto,unitxt ,raster noton

26,spray 16x9a,1′ 07″

14,Pedal,Chris Anrahams and Simon James Phillips,Staubgold

15,soundtack to the Tender Hook by Chris Anrahams,vitamin records

1,end credit music,~3’30”
16,ron geesin, CD Biting the hand, the BBC radio broadcasts of Ron Geesin from 1969 to 1975 and released on Hux Records

2,pretty little faces,2’56”

17,klangwart, Stadtlandfluss,on staubgold

5, Telemann(a multitude of violins condense into vibrant soundwaves),5’35” for me the climax


18,nurse with wond, hunff’n rag blues on United Jnanal

10, Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’,6′ 14″, not played, played recently twice, experimental music track of the year.

19,nurse with wound,record title and cover of the year,the musty odor of pierced rectums on beta lactum ring records, cover an incredible collage by Stephen Stapleton?Babs Santini

Side 1, first 3’ not played, played recently

20 Mesthetics #104,105 DIY post punk music from Walesand Scotland,1977-81

Wales,16,hugh volk,talk of the town,2′ 05″

Scotland, 1,the scrotum poles,helicopter honeymoon,1′ 42″






The Now Now Festival,January 16-18 Wentworth Falls School of Arts

Big Anthony Mannix Exhibition Penrith Regional Gallery January 30-April,live reading  by Anthony from his writing with The Loop Orchestra on Saturday February 28
RELEASES-The M squared Vinyl On Demand Box,mainly unreleased Archival Material,launch at Megaphon Studios at the end of April with performances by reformed Scattered Order and Makers of The Dead Travel Fast

The Loop Orchestra picture disc on Pulled Out Records




Background Noise: early SPK and interview with Graeme Revell

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the link is here

this morning we will be examining through their live performances the transitional period of SPK from punk to  industrial culture between the years 1979 and 1982.  Including an interview I did yesterday afternoon with Graeme Revell the co-founder of SPK from Las Vegas.  We will be using the beautiful vinyl on demand SPK document III0 released this year and the LP records one and two of the unreleased live recordings which represent this transition.

L.P1, SIDE A  Garibaldi’s Sydney (in Riley Street and one of the pre-eminent Sydney post punk music venues) 21 April 1979

Segment One introduction by Graeme,

Track, Title, Duration

All tracks from the first 3 singles in 1979,in a beautiful separate wooden box

1, slogan, 3′ 44″

2, panik, 2′ 07″

3, factory, 2′ 21″

4?, contact, 5′ 42″


Side B the crypt London 25 April 1981 and heaven in London 23 December 1980

segment two introduction by Graeme

4, John, 4′ 49″


LP 2, SIDE A, heaven in London 23 December 1980

1, Emanation Machine R.  Gie 1916 (from the first album system planning korporation), 6′ 41″

SIDE B Brickworks Sydney 6 March 1982

segment three, introduction by Graeme

4, desolation, 1′ 30″

5, cry from the sanatorium, 2′ 59″

6, baby blue eyes, 3′ 52″

7, Israel, 2′ 32″

8, internal bleeding, 3′ 01″

9, chamber music, 4′ 09″

10, despair , 4′ 54″

segment 4 final words and overview by Graeme


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background noise 18/11/08: recent releases by nurse with wound part two, LP records

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 the link is here

this morning we continue our journey into the weird wide world of Steven Stapleton’s nurse with wound releases from this year.  This time the LP records from may and June.  Beginning with the more accessible of the two, The Bacteria Magnet released in June on the English label dirter promotions in an edition of 500.  Side one first (both sides produced by Steven Stapleton and Andrew Liles) and cover design by babs santini (Stapleton in collage mode):

side one

Track                           Title                                    Duration

1                Cruisin’ For a Bruisin’ (Bacteria  Bitch mix)                  ~7′ 46″

An extended version of the track on the CD Huffin’ Rag Blues from last show.  With the incredible stereo separation.

2                Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (Suzi Firenza vocals)                  ~5′ 50″

side two

1                Thrill Of Romance (Freida Abton vocals)                  ~7’13”

2                The Bottom Feeder                  ~5’

Now released in May on American label Beta Lactam Ring Records, title of 2008

The Musty Odour of Pierced Rectums. And Features an incredible Steven Stapleton collage, my cover of the year.  It is on heavy marbled vinyl and comes in a heavy cardboard sleeve. We Will Hear both sides, described as a collection of obsolete primitive variations, and all new and previously unreleased material and of course limited-edition, listen For anne Margaret on television in the backround:

Side one    untitled       ~14′ 25″

side two    untitled       ~16′ 35″


We look forward to further nurse with wound sound and art excursions.

Background Noise: recent Nurse with Wound releases part one

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 the link is here

this morning the first half of two parts featuring recent nurse with wound releases.  This week the CDs and next program the LP record releases.  We started with the first track, Willie The Weeper from the angular surreal pop CD HUFFIN’ RAG BLUES which visits the kitschy world of `50s exotica and lounge music.  It was released in June on the American label United Jnanal. This Is the Entry this morning into the strange dark surreal world of Stephen Stapleton. It features Stephen Stapleton of course and Andrew Lile along with a cast including Mat Waldron, Colin Potter (his usual collaborator) and his wife Diana Rogerson. The cover design is by that great collageist Babs Santini ,the assumed name for Stephen Stapleton  as visual artist..  Now two more tracks from HUFFIN’ RAG BLUES:

Track, Title, Duration

1, Willie The Weeper,0′ 57″

8, Juice Head crazy Lady,3′ 56″

10, Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’,6′ 14″

I suggest turning the volume up and listening particularly for the incredible stereophonic separation on the second track.

Now the special double CD and hardback book of photos of Stapleton’s 100 hand-painted records recently on show in Galway in Ireland and Portland, Oregon .  Limited-edition of 1500. called Images/zero MIX. CD one is called zero mix and all music is by Colin Potter and Stephen Stapleton.  It was released on the American beta-lactam ring records in May. Here is zero mix [II ] and zero mix [III ] .

2, zero mix [II ],9’48

3, zero mix [III ],13’35”
now CD 2

1,Requiem For Lady Day,11’28”
2,Ocean( For “Saucie” Redpath),first 10’

Background Noise: Klangwart and Colin Rhodes’ Outsider Art

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this morning the new Klangwart CD on Staubgold with an interview with one half of Klangwart and owner of Staubgold, Markus Detmer from Berlin. After an eight-year-long studio hiatus, “Stadtlandfluss” is the new album by the Cologne(Timo Reuber)- and Berlin(Markus)-based electronic duo Klangwart . Also an interview with Prof Colin Rhodes about his collection of art Brut works on show at orange regional Gallery until November 16 .

Also English turntablist Philip Jeck and recent releases on the touch music label.

Firstly Klangwart, the new CD . I spoke to Markus Detmer last Friday from Berlin(35 deg to 7 deg).INTERVIEW Part 1,0-2’11”’track 1


1,Zwei Tone(Two Tones),5’09”

3,Radio(Voices on air),2’57”
INTERVEW Part 2, 3’09”-6’56”

4, Hamanamah(a technology mantra as a centre of calm),8’35”

5, Telemann(a multitude of violins condense into vibrant soundwaves),5’35” for me the climax

Track 2

Now We Move to England and new releases on the touch music label. Firstly two more in the 7 inch series. Firstly headphones from the record project by AER which started as a film soundtrack . Designed to be listened to on headphones.

AER is the occasional recording name for Jon Wozencroft, art director and editor of Touch and Fennesz/Jeck/Matthews “Amoroso”.Fennesz first ( new album Black Sea to be released on touch music at the end of November) and then Philip Jeck remixing and collaborating with English pianist, organist, composer and teacher Charles Matthews. The Philip Jeck side finishes in a beautiful locked groove which we will hear one minute of(~10’).

The new CD by Philip Jeck is called Sand is on touch music and was recorded live in Holland and England in 2006/7 using fidelity record players, Casio SK keyboards,Behringer mixer and Sony MiniDisc recorders.

Track, Title, Duration

2,fanfares forward,4’56”


play Colin’s Promo an interview(~9’).

All information and directions for orange regional Gallery go to

OPEN TUESDAY TO SATURDAY 10 TO 5, SUNDAY AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 12 TO 4 CLOSED MONDAYS, a beautiful 3 1/2 an hour car trip from Sydney.

The now now next Monday night, October 13 at serial space at 8 p.m. and forthcoming splinter Orchestra tour,

The Next Background Noise in two weeks will be a precursor to Brut Loops at Artspace on Thursday, October 30 at 8 p.m.. In a special night of Art Brut, films, talks, slideshow, poetry readings and outsider art exhibition and audiovisual performances by Ian Andrews and The Loop Orchestra who will be launching the new Chinese split CD on sale for $10 .

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Background Noise: recent releases on Raster-Noton from Berlin

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this morning three recent releases on the raster noton label from Berlin.  Firstly the surprising sound collaboration between Cosey Fanni Tutti (From Throbbing-Gristle) and the Swedish Russian born electronic sound artist COH (Ivan Pavlov). The CD is called COH Plays Cosey released on March 6 .  The project was initiated by Ivan based on an e-mail discussion between the two of them which covered many subjects including aspects of human vulnerabilities, our perceptions of reactions to situations, the creative force within us, and the influences of culture and gender. The tracks are made entirely of voice recordings (a voice diary) by Cosey Fanni Tutti based on these discussions which were edited and manipulated by Ivan over a period of about 18 months. Later this year Cosey hopes to begin work on the follow-up sister album COSEY PLAYS COH.

Track, Title, Duration

2, crazy,5′ 58″

8, inside,4′ 58″

9, lying,5’34”                                              

CD 2 is bytone (Olaf Bender) the music of ,death of a typographer’ carries the special sound of raster-noton – but it is different: the tracks act as focal points, as elegy of an latently flowing stream, a stream that still moves on even when the music has long faded away.Olaf bender who runs raster noton with Carsten Nicolai is also responsible for the exquisite graphic design and the new clean crisp clinical white colour scheme.

1, into bios (intro),0′ 48″

6, capture this (I),3′ 18″

7, capture this (II),4′ 40″

9, heart,7′ 45″

CD3 the most recent, Alva-Noto,Unitxt the title unitxt could be read as

– unit extended referring to a unit of a rhythmic grid

– or universal text referring to a universal language, e.g. mathematics: units, constants, measurements, prefix-, SI system of units

and is represented in spoken word and by codes in sound itself. It Is Named after the Japanese club in Tokyo called unit were Alva-Noto performed in 2006 and 2007.

1,2,5,7, 12, 18, 20

1, u_07,7′ 57″

5, u_08-1,3′ 12″

7, u_08,5′ 36″

12, 60308_47,0′ 13″

18,excel,1′ 06″

20,word,1′ 40″

26,spray 16x9a,1′ 07″