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Background Noise: Klangwart and Colin Rhodes’ Outsider Art

Posted in Background Noise by loops on October 16, 2008


this morning the new Klangwart CD on Staubgold with an interview with one half of Klangwart and owner of Staubgold, Markus Detmer from Berlin. After an eight-year-long studio hiatus, “Stadtlandfluss” is the new album by the Cologne(Timo Reuber)- and Berlin(Markus)-based electronic duo Klangwart . Also an interview with Prof Colin Rhodes about his collection of art Brut works on show at orange regional Gallery until November 16 .

Also English turntablist Philip Jeck and recent releases on the touch music label.

Firstly Klangwart, the new CD . I spoke to Markus Detmer last Friday from Berlin(35 deg to 7 deg).INTERVIEW Part 1,0-2’11”’track 1


1,Zwei Tone(Two Tones),5’09”

3,Radio(Voices on air),2’57”
INTERVEW Part 2, 3’09”-6’56”

4, Hamanamah(a technology mantra as a centre of calm),8’35”

5, Telemann(a multitude of violins condense into vibrant soundwaves),5’35” for me the climax

Track 2

Now We Move to England and new releases on the touch music label. Firstly two more in the 7 inch series. Firstly headphones from the record project by AER which started as a film soundtrack . Designed to be listened to on headphones.

AER is the occasional recording name for Jon Wozencroft, art director and editor of Touch and Fennesz/Jeck/Matthews “Amoroso”.Fennesz first ( new album Black Sea to be released on touch music at the end of November) and then Philip Jeck remixing and collaborating with English pianist, organist, composer and teacher Charles Matthews. The Philip Jeck side finishes in a beautiful locked groove which we will hear one minute of(~10’).

The new CD by Philip Jeck is called Sand is on touch music and was recorded live in Holland and England in 2006/7 using fidelity record players, Casio SK keyboards,Behringer mixer and Sony MiniDisc recorders.

Track, Title, Duration

2,fanfares forward,4’56”


play Colin’s Promo an interview(~9’).

All information and directions for orange regional Gallery go to

OPEN TUESDAY TO SATURDAY 10 TO 5, SUNDAY AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 12 TO 4 CLOSED MONDAYS, a beautiful 3 1/2 an hour car trip from Sydney.

The now now next Monday night, October 13 at serial space at 8 p.m. and forthcoming splinter Orchestra tour,

The Next Background Noise in two weeks will be a precursor to Brut Loops at Artspace on Thursday, October 30 at 8 p.m.. In a special night of Art Brut, films, talks, slideshow, poetry readings and outsider art exhibition and audiovisual performances by Ian Andrews and The Loop Orchestra who will be launching the new Chinese split CD on sale for $10 .

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